“This website is golden, and I thank you a million times, I was facing 25 years in prison and all charges dropped, The D.A kept forgetting paperwork and it seems the witnesses weren’t showing up, you guys along with my lawyer saved my life. My lawyer walked in there like a bull. It took 2 years but I rather going back and forth to court instead of getting a life sentence you guys were well worth the money.”

-Jason from New York.

“Working with you guys, and making the leap of faith to invest in the Obeah course was everything and I would recommend the Metaphysics course and the Obeah course because the value, and what you learn it really life changing. I just started my own Obeah practice and already have 5 clients. I was always interested but had no way of learning until I came across you guys.”

-Tiffany from California


“The dirty stinking cheating baby father called me today, I played nice as you all said and followed the instructions. I did everything you said although I was a little impatient but it worked out once I followed your instructions. He tried to have sex and couldn’t get hard no matter how much he tried. I kept laughing because I know the reason why. We killed his penis and I am happy. I did everything for this man and all he did was betray me. I am one happy customer, money well spent even though some might frown upon what I did. I really don’t care I am happy.”

-Deseree from Atlanta


“I kept having recurring dreams of me being followed by spiders and getting caught in a web. I remember getting a ring and you telling me not to let anyone touch it. Well I messed up and accidentally left in at the gym and someone brought it to me and guess what? They touched it. After I got caught up in a web of lies at work and in my personal life. I took the course and immediately learned how to undo this, and boy did it work out in my favor. This stuff works, but you have to follow the instructions given because if you don’t then you will wind-up like me. Well now it’s good but at first the stress nearly killed me.”

-Leslie from Sydney, Australia


“Every time I implement the spell with the ring you guys gave me, I always get laid when I go to the club. That was my goal so I’m not mad. I think I might need a new ring though because I had it for five months. Mi get a ton a pum pum.”

-Rocket from Kingston, Jamaica


“The court case work made me win my child support case. Obeah is no joke. I went to Santeros, Hoodoo, and even Paleros, Haitian Voudou Priest  and nothing. Damn I must say I wasted thousands of dollars and all I spent was a few hundred, I mean only $700 with you guys and bam, now I don’t have to pay thousands to a vindictive woman who is a drunk, money well spent.”

-Jesse from Florida


“I have to say I am not the most spiritual person, but a friend referred me to this site. I would come on this site and read the blogs, but I didn’t purchase anything. Then one day, I had a terrible pain in my back. I went to the doctor and they saw nothing. Everyone thought I was crazy. I took x-ray after x-ray and still nothing. The pain became bad to the point where I couldn’t work, and I work as a construction worker so if I can’t work then I won’t be able to take care of my family. Finally I made the plunge, and purchased a ring. Thing started to get better, but not fast enough and that’s when I wanted to learn this stuff on my own and I took the course, and did it help me. I literally no longer have the back pain and on a daily basis utilize what I learned. I also love how you guys allow the course to be free for all to share once you purchase it. Much thanks. I am forever grateful.”

-Jeff from Florida

“I just got released on parole after fighting the same bullshit case for 5 years, I am beyond thankful for coming in contact with you and hiring you, so glad that bullshit is now a thing of the past it caused me so much stress.”

-Alan from Pennsylvania

“So a few moths ago I got caught cheating, and my wife left me. She forced me to even leave the home that we built. I went to fortune tellers and all, but nothing. What I love about these teachings is that there is no god beside that which is in us. These teachings and the course transformed me. I did the “come back to me” with the Kaballah and looked at the tree of life like how you taught me after taking the course and within 3 months my wife started talking to me. Spoke to her today and she told me that she misses me. I was shocked because just a few months ago she wanted nothing to do with me. I am very thankful for your teachings and will definitely keep you posted as I continue to will my wife back.”

-Ulysses from London


“I killed a man’s penis, and not in a good way lol well good for me, I guess. That’s what his nasty piece of shit ass gets, thank you all.”

-Keisha from Brooklyn, NY

“My favorite spiritual site, by far what you guys teach is great cause you always stress learning it for yourself, so that a person becomes their own teacher and I love that. The course is top ten my favorite online course. No one should attempt to do the Obeah course without first doing the Metaphysics course because it all makes sense once you do it. Thank me later.”

-Nelson from Saratoga, NY

“That cow-tongue made my cousin shut the fuck up and stop spreading gossip. I am very squeamish and couldn’t do it myself, but you guys did it for me for $300 and gave me a few rings and other things. So grateful, and money well spent. All the time you gave me and advice was well worth more than $300 I can’t find the words for how you help solve my problem.”

-Anastasia from Compton, California


“There is no such thing as impossible, except for bringing the dead back, and making the blind see, I remember that;s what I learned from the course. After doing it 6 months ago I am now proud to say that I have gotten a new job in a law office that pays me $90,000 a year and I just bought a new car. I had lost my license so this is really a blessing. What has happened to me is just unbelievable, if it didn’t happen to me and someone else told me about it. I would probably think they were lying. I am more than thankful.”

-Liam from Dallas, Texas

“After 3 years of getting denied by green card by immigration I have finally been able to get it and move to the United States, everything that you guys have done was well worth it. You goes are my go to folks whenever I’m in a bind.

-Joseph from Ghana now living in the United States

“Best damn spiritual course ever. I am an Hollywood actor and I am so thankful I took the course, it really grounded me spiritually.”

-Anonymous from Hollywood, California

“Obeah is nothing to play with, but when you know what you’re doing it becomes your best friend like it was your dog. That course is gold for your brain.”

-Danny from Massachusetts


“Out off all your other spiritual workers out there, and for the great results that you get from what you guys do your prices should be higher. I feel like I’m ripping you off lol but I am happy you guys much rather teach us so we can be self-sufficient.”

Sarah from Berlin, Germany

“All outside forces are like Nazi Germany they’re the enemy, and your inner is Winston Churchill and you won’t surrender to the enemy. Oh how I love that and I remember learning that while taking the Obeah course after the Metaphysics course has help me tremendously.”

-Keron from Minnesota

“Was in a car accident, and I am convinced that me bloody ring saved me bloody life. You guys mate are my friends for life. I have since bought 12 more and have given them out to friends and family.”

-John from Liverpool