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Stepping into your true self

The purpose of true spirituality is to make a person realize their inner power.. let’s first look at the root word which is “spirit” and that comes from the Latin spiritus which means “vigor,” “mind,” “courage,” or “breath.”

In Hebrew the word Ruach means “wind,” or “breath.”

Spiritual means something concerning the spirit, and spirit also means ” the animating vital principle in man and in animals.”

This can be broken down in many ways if your spirit animates you; it also connects you to the vitality you need to flourish then this must be treated with great care.

Many people will allow their spirit to die and won’t treat it with care like how they would treat their car or even their hair.

Think about this for one second, and think about it deeply.

People will invest hundreds of dollars if not thousands into their hair care, but will skimp on investing in themselves when it comes to their spiritual growth.

They won’t see their spiritual growth as an important thing and they’ll allow it to just crumble, most will only turn to spirituality when things are going bad and will try to use it as a quick fixer.

Isn’t it best to see a doctor before an illness occurs so you can prevent it from happening?

Spirituality is the same way, and I will see a large number of people who will come to us when things go bad, and sometimes it will be so bad for them that their spirit is depleted and they might be so far gone that it would take drastic measures to help them.

This is why at all times you must work on stepping into your true self.

Every morning after you wake up, take a few moments to meditate and allow yourself to just fall into the grace of the infinite that surrounds you.

Don’t do like most people and say “Aww today isn’t my day,” or tell yourself that “you woke up on the wrong side of the bed.”

All of these self-defeating sayings will only give you the bad end of the stick and place you in a position that will give you all that you asked for.

Breakfast is the most important physical meal of the day, but the real important meal is what you feed yourself mentally because that shapes your spirit, and spiritually it will reflect  within you and it will be the groundwork to what your life is built on.

Not that which goeth into the mouth defileth a man; but that which cometh out of the mouth, this defileth a man.

Matthew 15:11

What defiles a person are the words that they speak because your words animate your existence and it can either build your spirit, or tear it down like how a hurricane does to a mid-west town.

When you do a spell or enchant a item you are always saying a word to that item or saying a word with the spell.

You’re making it clear that this is what you’re doing and with complete volition you can create exactly that you’re saying.

So this is why it’s vital that you recognize the power of your words and the kind of spirit that you can conjure with them because those spirits will follow you and bring to you exactly what you have called into existence.

Feed the spirit within you, and give it the type of life that will enrich you like a well groomed garden because the garden is growing within you, and it grows weeds based on every foul or negative thought that you place in your mind.

By you giving yourself the opportunity to take care of your spirit you will step into your true self.

We have done a great amount of spiritual healing and I can tell you that the causes of many ailments that fall on mankind is caused by the lack of people feeding their spirit properly.

Various illnesses come from this, and this is why a person can feel sick or know they’re sick and will go to the doctor and the doctor probably won’t find anything wrong with the person.

They’ll do x-rays, take blood and do all their medical procedures and still wont find anything wrong although the patient will feel ill and will know that something isn’t right.

Your spiritual health is just as important as your physical health, if not more important in some ways because your spiritual health or your spiritual well being can impact your physical existence, while your physical existence will only impact your spiritual if you aren’t feeding your spiritual correctly…

This is why we always recommend spiritual baths because they are essential, they clear your mind and cleanse your aura..

If you want a great one we recommend this one here.

Treat yourself as if you’re the only person in the world, but yet treat everyone you come across as if they are the most important person you know.

By doing this you will treat yourself and others with respect, and everything will be reflected back to you as this will create a special balance that places you in harmony with your surroundings.

Many are in conflict with themselves on a regular basis and this reflects in how they treat others and it can be seen in their demeanor.

For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God:

Ephesians 2:8

The grace is the thanks and gratitude that you have knowing that your faith in who you are and in the great spirit that lives within will be your redeemer and savior.

It’s a gift from GOD as this is the GOD that lives in all, and is the creative force that permeates through all living things.

It lives in the universe, and also in the mind and hearts of all humans.

We can use it to bless us or we can use it to hurt us, it’s your choice.

Think about that.