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Obeah Makutu

Within the realm of Obeah or within the practice we know that different states of consciousness in altered states can create items.

The item is just a physical representation of your will that has been reinforced within the item.

The same way our world is made up of symbols and images.

When it’s Christmas time we see trees, and images  of Christmas.

When it’s valentine’s day we see images and symbols of love, all of these different images plays a role on our consciousness and we help manifest the seasons, and the feel of those seasons collectively.

Now, you as an individual can have your own personalized item called a Makutu which made its way into Obeah by way of the slave trade with native customs from all over the world, even as far as New Zealand.

This Makutu is fed and given given prayers which are fed with the words that activate it.

You can have a Makutu to keep in your home, so it doesn’t get robbed and if a robber comes near they’ll skip your house and go to the home of someone else.

You can make a Makutu to curse someone else who is against you, and curse their property or vehicle and allow yourself to get ahead.

You can have a Makutu in your home for Good luck, or in your vehicle so if you get in a car accident even if the car is totaled you’ll walk out clean without a scratch.

What we do is custom make it, and fill it with your intention which gives it your own personal spirit that lives in it and abides to the request you gave us.

It takes seven days to make this, but it is custom, below we show you a step by step of how we made one for a client to protect their home from any intruders, and from any hostile actions from anyone whether it be spiritual or physical.

First we get the traditional herbs ready, and the Fifth table of Saturn which inscribed upon are Hebrew letters that by themselves can do your bidding, if you know what you’re doing.

We mix the Herbs, and fall within the state of you being the victor,  and speak the prayers while inscribing your name and intention of the Fifth  table of Saturn speaking to it, and saying the Hebrew and Aramaic invocations with your name on it, from day one til day three.



By day four a candle is burned with alcohol to the spirit that is now creating from the previous days of speaking your intention and creating the spirit that will do your  work.

Once day five arrives it’s time to wrap this spirit in tightly as your intention is blended with it, and we have made it correctly in its traditional way, and now it’s getting locked in.


When Day six comes it is now totally under domination with the candle keeping it locked and compelled by the Fifth table of Saturn.



Once day seven comes it is done, and ready to be shipped.


Below you will see the instructions.

No one is to touch the Makutu besides you.

If you are getting this to help build your finances you must hold it and absorb it before going to sleep at night, and then put it away making sure no one else sees or touches it.

Whenever you put it away always have a dollar bill, or some form of money from your country next to it, so that the spirit is familiar with the type of money you want, it’s important not to confuse this spirit or you risk confusing your finances.

If you are using it to curse someone else’s property, you must drop it in any area that they won’t be able to find it, and walk away without looking back.

If you look back before reaching your home, you have called the spirit back with you and have ruined the curse. Not looking back abandons the spirit where you left it, so that it doesn’t follow you and it roams where it is.

If you are using it to become a sex freak, it is important that when you give us the instructions and once you receive it, you will have to speak to it, and place it in front of you, while you masturbate so that the spirit can absorb your sexual energy.

After that put it away, only to masturbate in front of it to charge it up. This will then make you sexually desirable to others and you will have your way sexually with the individuals that you come across.

Please note that if you are using this to improve your finances, it will have to get sprinkled with liquor once a week and treated like how you would a business partner.

It is a living breathing spirit and how you treat it, is how it will treat you.

These Makutus are usually sold in the Caribbean for thousands, but given the current time we can custom make it and within seven days get it to you for $97.00 if you want one, feel free to make your purchase here.


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Raising your consciousness

Obeah in its purest form is nothing more than a heightened sense of consciousness, it is the individuals who rises higher in consciousness on many levels who are the ones that wind up being the folks that do great things for humanity, and for society.

Just look at a medical doctor and see how their ability helps everyone else.

It is because they raised their consciousness when it comes to the science of medicine which then benefits all of us when they come up with great innovations in the field of medicine.

The same thing with a school teacher, and anyone else who makes it their goal to raise themselves in consciousness and become bigger and better than what they thought they could be.

So now let’s apply this to a standard approach that can drive this point across much clearer.

If you took a candle and lit it on fire, and stated an intention; what you’re doing is giving life to what you speak.

The candle is a representation of your intention, and by it being lit what you were doing was adding energy or some life source to your intention.

You’re just giving a visual interpretation to what you already internally believe to be true, and so this is what you know.

Try this quick technique.

Take a small white candle and then hold it to your forehead.

Close your eyes as you roll it to your forehead and as it is between your eyes quickly think of your intention without even speaking it.

Then place the candle in a safe place before lighting it, and just allow this to burn.

Do this for five days in a row with one of the regular white candles.

Just think thoughts of great things surrounding the intention that you made, and when you’re done doing this just let it go and act as if you didn’t do a thing.

You’ll see how what you placed your intention in will seem to appear, and manifest in ways that you had no clue of.

Practice this, and keep a note or some record of your growth and of what you are doing.



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Why Obeah is so effective

No matter what spiritual system you work with, Obeah is still able to penetrate it and the reason why is because it’s a science in itself.

It’s the same way that if you were in the United States, Britain, or Jamaica the mathematical formula of 1+1=2

This is because that mathematical formula is a science in itself that will never change no matter where in the world you might be.

The Obeah man uses the same science in his work and becomes the conqueror in all situations.

The Obeah man/ woman also knows the laws of giving to receive, they know that certain imaginal actions create forces that impact this world.

This is why it is never a good idea to seek Obeah work and expect it to be “FREE” that is just as insulting to a Obeah practitioner as it would be to a lawyer if you walked in his office wanting pro bono work and he didn’t advertise himself as that type of lawyer.

Obeah isn’t a spirituality for the faint of heart, this is one of the reasons why it is so elusive and you won’t be able to find much info about it online.

It’s a craft where the practitioners keep the secrets close to them, and if  you become a student, just like if you went to a university or college you would have to compensate the teacher for the knowledge that they are giving you.

This knowledge when utilized in the correct way can create wonders in your life, and the lives of the folks who are around you.

If you want true genuine Obeah and are ready to take the Metaphysics course where we teach you the science before moving you on, contact us here the Metaphysics course if $797.00 USD.

It consist of 11 weeks of video modules and course work, that test your manifesting techniques and one year of support.

This starts you on to the next phase.

If you want to learn Obeah overnight then this isn’t the craft for you, but if you are serious about the craft and really want to learn the science and the ways of the ancestors then feel free to contact us here and let’s talk.

We work with everyone from professional athletes, politicians, Hollywood actors, rappers, musicians, plumbers, doctors and regular Joes.

The only thing we ask is for you to be serious because we take this serious so if you’re ready lets talk.

Our testimonials are amazing and hopefully one day we can get one from you.

check them out here.

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The power of GOD

The power of GOD is immensely powerful,  just look around and you will see the creations that have been given to us from GOD.

The birds of the air, the stars of the sky and many other wonders that live in the world and the universe. Now look at yourself and think about what was bestowed upon you.

The power that was given to you is what was given to every man, but first you must learn to tap into this power because this power is one that can give you happiness or it can give you hell.

A sunny day makes a person feel happy and leaves them with a full spirit.

A day where you hear that a hurricane is coming can leave an individual scared, weary or hoping nothing bad happens.

These two different days represent two different emotions and these emotions are tied to the infinite intelligence that is GOD, and this infinite intelligence lives within us.

It dictates everything, this is why a person can do a spell or wish something on someone else, and they can actually bring it to pass even if the other person was what society might call a “good person.”

The one who called themselves the “good person,” might be good in a worldly  sense like they pay their taxes and obey the laws that man have made, but they didn’t obey the laws of mind.

With their unaware mind, the same way that the weather can bring out certain emotions and feelings within an individual; they can also do the same within them, and bring it out to effect their outside world.

So if you find yourself always gloomy or down that is likened to a day where the weather is terrible like during a hailstorm or a rainy cold, windy day.

You should want to bring sunshine into your life because where the sun shines nothing or no one can stop the sun.

The power of GOD is an understanding that a person develops while on their mystical journey.

This is a journey that can take you through various emotions, some will take you high and others will make you feel lonely, and somewhat lost.

The person who isn’t able to control their emotions and feelings won’t have total control over this power because it will gain the upper-hand over them and so it will be their master.

Don’t let a power that can help you, be the power that destroys you..

Think about that..

For couching feel free to contact us here 

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Imagination and its spiritual power

One active power that every genuine Obeah practitioner holds is their ability to use their imagination or their imaginal acts to influence events that will happen in the outside world.

A genuine Obeah practitioner knows their power of mind and knows through this power they are able to do just about anything.

Your mental acts create your outer events.

Here is an example of the power of this, but you probably didn’t notice.

When you choose to make breakfast or dinner. The first thing that you do is imagine what you will eat. I am sure that you also imagine it being delicious.

You then get the ingredients and then put together the meal which then becomes something that you brought to life.

This all started from your imaginal act.

When you want to buy a new car, the first thing that you do is imagine yourself in a new car and then all the other acts you do will or will not bring you to this new car.

Everything in this world is like that, so now when we discuss the spiritual world and its power; to negate the power of your imagination will only ruin your own internal powers.

One of our great metaphysics teachers have a whole course based on this concept, and he has helped countless folks, you can check it out here  if you say we sent you; you’ll get a discount and also a discount on the Obeah course when you’re done with the metaphysics course bcause to thoroughly learn Obeah you must first learn Metaphysics.

Anyway, one great tool that you can use to empower your imagination is to get a glass of water.

You must get a clear glass and place some fresh water in it.

This is going to help your belief and your imagination @ the same time.

You will also build a solid spiritual foundation by seeing that you hold the power, and tapping into this power will be the true power of GOD.

Now take the glass and bless it by asking for a small amount of money like $100 or less, you can ask for more if you truly believe but let’s just start off small at first.

See this water as what will give you what you asked for and know that what you asked for is already given to you.

Practice this, and realize how much of the power that you already have is being constructed and built in a way that will be beneficial for you.



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Obeah and your consciousness

Do you have this feeling? If so then Obeah might be calling your name, and until you answer then you probably will never find a moment of real peace, or a moment of bliss.  This feeling can sometimes take a hold on your life, or better yet it becomes your life.

The feeling that I’m talking about is the one that makes you a true seeker, or better yet it turns you into a “truth” seeker. The truth that you’re seeking is your new identity, and this truth can take your life on a new journey. For example, I am sure that you found this website from a google search, and you probably searched the web looking for everything dealing with Obeah or anything dealing with the practice of Obeah.

Your search probably came up short, and the info out there or what was available wasn’t enough to truly satisfy your inner-hunger when it comes to learning or studying the craft of Obeah.

I want you to pay full attention here, and  understand that Obeah isn’t just an art form, but a way of life. It isn’t just do a spell and create a change on a situation, but it consist of two elements.

These two elements are “Thought,” and “Feeling.”

A true Obeah practitioner knows this, and by understanding these two things you will be able to understand how you are knowing more than a note in the grand orchestra that God is playing.

Many times, I’ll get people who come to me with problems, and they seem lost and feel like the problem is out of their control.

The first step to curing their problem is to first eradicate the feeling that has them feeling like their problem is out of control in the first place. I’ll give them various formulas and tell them to apply it.

Many folks will give themselves hell, and won’t even know it.

The power of Obeah is one that can heal you in times of pain by utilizing the new level on consciousness that it gives you.

Like how a mother can be in a deep sleep, or in another room and instantly wake if she feels her child is in distress or needs her.

Your distress is your current problem, and I know you’re thinking of it or you’re thinking of the issue.

It might be one that’s a large issue you’re facing, and what we do is narrow down on that issue and work to help you eradicate it.

Like when we share the cow-tongue spell

The purpose of doing so was to help many that may be facing a problem of someone else who is speaking against them and they may want to silence those who are speaking out against them, our goal is to create solutions to your problems, or better yet to be the outside voice to show you the solutions to your problems..

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Clear your mind

In the world that we live in sometimes all types of negativity can blurry your thoughts, and make your mind become clouded. Your subconscious mind will hold on to a nasty thought and you will bring nothing but hardship to your life.

This is why you will see so many individuals who will have nothing but constant defeat after defeat.

You might even be one of these individuals. You probably wonder why is life doing this to me?

Why me?

What did I do, and why is the devil causing me hell?

Well the devil is real, and this devil isn’t one with a pitchfork and horns..

No, this devil is the doubt and negative energy that follows you. The energy that prevents you from being motivated so that you can become what you’re supposed to become. This causes you to be short-sighted and turns life into your worst enemy. This transforms you into a person who can’t think positively, and by thinking negatively all you’ll do is bring more bad into your life.

You’ll corrupt yourself, and cause nothing but pain in your life.

Now, is the time to stop think focus yourself on clearing your mind.

We know it’s easier said than done, and sometimes you have to get extra help to really deal with this problem because this can be the elephant in the room, or maybe the elephant in your mind that will wind-up eating you alive as you go by in life.

Don’t let this monster consume you.

We are here to help, and this is why you should book a subconscious mind clearing session with us here

We have drastically reduced it from $150.00 to $40.00.

This isn’t a reading because readings tend to leave your subconscious mind susceptible to whatever the reader says.

With this we will make you see that you impress your feelings, and thoughts onto your subconscious, and your conscious mind just carries it out whether it may be good or bad.

Your mind won’t be absolutely clear with just one session, because all that you’re feeling and going through took a lifetime to create, but the first session should be a great session to help with clearing your mind, and setting you up on the right path.

Please feel free to book a session here.

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Obeah tale

I remember growing up when I heard stories of Obeah they were vile. Some made it seem like Obeah was evil. They made it seem like it was a craft created by the devil. Now, when I look back at this I realize that the same people who called Obeah evil, or the devil were the same christians who practiced Obeah behind closed doors.

It appeared that in the public there was some shame, but behind closed doors the same christians who spoke out loudly against Obeah were the same practitioners of the craft.

I guess it must be the social taboo that follows Obeah because of the trans-atlantic slave trade. It is the slave trade that brought Obeah to the shores of the Americas and in 1760 after the Tacky’s War, or Tacky’s Rebellion  

The sad thing is that even till this day, a negative stigma has travelled with Obeah, and many has been misinformed. I am happy to be here, and I am happy to showcase Obeah in its beauty. In a way that you will love it because Obeah is a science, and Obeah is life.

I suggest you tune in,  and subscribe to the blog here and then continue your studies because this will be a wonderful spiritual journey.



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Feeling of love

When you get the feeling of love to manifest its blessing on you, the first thing you’ll feel is a inner calm. One that gives you butterflies whenever you think about the person that you love.

True love brings happiness, and a feeling of security, warmth, and a feeling that connects you to this person whom you love.

A person who you feel is your soulmate, and the infinite intelligence of the universe that some might call Yahweh, Allah, Brahma, or simply GOD has brought you your other-half.

Another who completes you, and make you whole.

This is what true love brings, or at least what it is supposed to bring.

  • “I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine.” ~ Song of Solomon 8:3

The love you have for your beloved should be the same way that your subconscious mind, and conscious mind are in love.

The one power that draws all that you want to you.

So, if you’re having a moment where you need love, or want to attract the right person, then you can get a ring that will help and aid your every desire.

You want to get something from a certain person, then we can fix a ring for you, and then you must follow our instructions on your end, and then you’ll get what you want.

It is all yours, but you must have faith and believe that it is.



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Isaiah 55:11

As we always state, and as long as your read our material you will learn the true power of the bible. Remember, the bible was written by illumined men, these were the mystics and they authors who you think are the authors really aren’t.

The ancient mystics had a different way of thinking, in fact it’s a way of thinking that only a few have today, and in Obeah we let you know that if you develop the mystical way of thinking, then you will have a new outlook on life, and use your thoughts to create more than you ever thought was possible.

Your thoughts, are GODS thoughts, when you breathe the air that the trees produce, it is this very air that connects all living things in this planet. The same sun that keeps our world alive is what lives in us to shine, and illuminate the mind of those who are really ready to seek this higher thinking.

I want you to know and understand this well, and understand it clearly because the Christ of the bible is here with you, when you place an outside GOD in your life, then you bring problems, and will forget all the laws of the universe.

In fact, your words are so powerful  as stated in Isaiah 55:11 “So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it.”

This scripture clearly highlights how your words will bring you back whatever you send them to retrieve, so if you have a mouth filled with animosity, or hate towards others, then your words will fetch that, and return the same hate towards you.

Whatever you put in the atmosphere shall certainly rain back down upon you.

We try to let people understand the power of words and your intention because every day in your life you’re coming across some type of word, or intention.

Whether it be a street sign, newspaper or book, no matter what it may be you’re always encountering words. Everything you feed yourself will reflect on you, so if you’re eating unhealthy food then so your body will be a reflection of that.

If you’re eating healthy ,then your body will also be a reflection of that. You are always a reflection of whatever you choose to absorb.

So, if you’re absorbing a heap of negativity, then that is what you will be and your life will have a negative outcome.

Think and feed yourself nothing but a high quality diet whether it’s food or words.