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Raising your consciousness

Obeah in its purest form is nothing more than a heightened sense of consciousness, it is the individuals who rises higher in consciousness on many levels who are the ones that wind up being the folks that do great things for humanity, and for society.

Just look at a medical doctor and see how their ability helps everyone else.

It is because they raised their consciousness when it comes to the science of medicine which then benefits all of us when they come up with great innovations in the field of medicine.

The same thing with a school teacher, and anyone else who makes it their goal to raise themselves in consciousness and become bigger and better than what they thought they could be.

So now let’s apply this to a standard approach that can drive this point across much clearer.

If you took a candle and lit it on fire, and stated an intention; what you’re doing is giving life to what you speak.

The candle is a representation of your intention, and by it being lit what you were doing was adding energy or some life source to your intention.

You’re just giving a visual interpretation to what you already internally believe to be true, and so this is what you know.

Try this quick technique.

Take a small white candle and then hold it to your forehead.

Close your eyes as you roll it to your forehead and as it is between your eyes quickly think of your intention without even speaking it.

Then place the candle in a safe place before lighting it, and just allow this to burn.

Do this for five days in a row with one of the regular white candles.

Just think thoughts of great things surrounding the intention that you made, and when you’re done doing this just let it go and act as if you didn’t do a thing.

You’ll see how what you placed your intention in will seem to appear, and manifest in ways that you had no clue of.

Practice this, and keep a note or some record of your growth and of what you are doing.



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Why Obeah is so effective

No matter what spiritual system you work with, Obeah is still able to penetrate it and the reason why is because it’s a science in itself.

It’s the same way that if you were in the United States, Britain, or Jamaica the mathematical formula of 1+1=2

This is because that mathematical formula is a science in itself that will never change no matter where in the world you might be.

The Obeah man uses the same science in his work and becomes the conqueror in all situations.

The Obeah man/ woman also knows the laws of giving to receive, they know that certain imaginal actions create forces that impact this world.

This is why it is never a good idea to seek Obeah work and expect it to be “FREE” that is just as insulting to a Obeah practitioner as it would be to a lawyer if you walked in his office wanting pro bono work and he didn’t advertise himself as that type of lawyer.

Obeah isn’t a spirituality for the faint of heart, this is one of the reasons why it is so elusive and you won’t be able to find much info about it online.

It’s a craft where the practitioners keep the secrets close to them, and if  you become a student, just like if you went to a university or college you would have to compensate the teacher for the knowledge that they are giving you.

This knowledge when utilized in the correct way can create wonders in your life, and the lives of the folks who are around you.

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It consist of 11 weeks of video modules and course work, that test your manifesting techniques and one year of support.

This starts you on to the next phase.

If you want to learn Obeah overnight then this isn’t the craft for you, but if you are serious about the craft and really want to learn the science and the ways of the ancestors then feel free to contact us here and let’s talk.

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