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Obeah Makutu

Within the realm of Obeah or within the practice we know that different states of consciousness in altered states can create items.

The item is just a physical representation of your will that has been reinforced within the item.

The same way our world is made up of symbols and images.

When it’s Christmas time we see trees, and images  of Christmas.

When it’s valentine’s day we see images and symbols of love, all of these different images plays a role on our consciousness and we help manifest the seasons, and the feel of those seasons collectively.

Now, you as an individual can have your own personalized item called a Makutu which made its way into Obeah by way of the slave trade with native customs from all over the world, even as far as New Zealand.

This Makutu is fed and given given prayers which are fed with the words that activate it.

You can have a Makutu to keep in your home, so it doesn’t get robbed and if a robber comes near they’ll skip your house and go to the home of someone else.

You can make a Makutu to curse someone else who is against you, and curse their property or vehicle and allow yourself to get ahead.

You can have a Makutu in your home for Good luck, or in your vehicle so if you get in a car accident even if the car is totaled you’ll walk out clean without a scratch.

What we do is custom make it, and fill it with your intention which gives it your own personal spirit that lives in it and abides to the request you gave us.

It takes seven days to make this, but it is custom, below we show you a step by step of how we made one for a client to protect their home from any intruders, and from any hostile actions from anyone whether it be spiritual or physical.

First we get the traditional herbs ready, and the Fifth table of Saturn which inscribed upon are Hebrew letters that by themselves can do your bidding, if you know what you’re doing.

We mix the Herbs, and fall within the state of you being the victor,  and speak the prayers while inscribing your name and intention of the Fifth  table of Saturn speaking to it, and saying the Hebrew and Aramaic invocations with your name on it, from day one til day three.



By day four a candle is burned with alcohol to the spirit that is now creating from the previous days of speaking your intention and creating the spirit that will do your  work.

Once day five arrives it’s time to wrap this spirit in tightly as your intention is blended with it, and we have made it correctly in its traditional way, and now it’s getting locked in.


When Day six comes it is now totally under domination with the candle keeping it locked and compelled by the Fifth table of Saturn.



Once day seven comes it is done, and ready to be shipped.


Below you will see the instructions.

No one is to touch the Makutu besides you.

If you are getting this to help build your finances you must hold it and absorb it before going to sleep at night, and then put it away making sure no one else sees or touches it.

Whenever you put it away always have a dollar bill, or some form of money from your country next to it, so that the spirit is familiar with the type of money you want, it’s important not to confuse this spirit or you risk confusing your finances.

If you are using it to curse someone else’s property, you must drop it in any area that they won’t be able to find it, and walk away without looking back.

If you look back before reaching your home, you have called the spirit back with you and have ruined the curse. Not looking back abandons the spirit where you left it, so that it doesn’t follow you and it roams where it is.

If you are using it to become a sex freak, it is important that when you give us the instructions and once you receive it, you will have to speak to it, and place it in front of you, while you masturbate so that the spirit can absorb your sexual energy.

After that put it away, only to masturbate in front of it to charge it up. This will then make you sexually desirable to others and you will have your way sexually with the individuals that you come across.

Please note that if you are using this to improve your finances, it will have to get sprinkled with liquor once a week and treated like how you would a business partner.

It is a living breathing spirit and how you treat it, is how it will treat you.

These Makutus are usually sold in the Caribbean for thousands, but given the current time we can custom make it and within seven days get it to you for $97.00 if you want one, feel free to make your purchase here.


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The numbers 444 or 4:44

444 or 4:44 what is the importance of this number combination?

On the surface the unaware would have no idea, but those who understand the biblical encoding that the authors did, and by the way, none of the characters in the bible are real or ever existed.. they are just states of the human consciousness personified as events, or characters.. we will eventually go through the whole bible from Genesis to Revelation piece by piece, but let’s get back to 444 or 4:44

If we go to Psalm 4 verse four we see that it says “Stand in awe, and sin not: Commune with your own heart upon your bed, and be still. selah.”

Now let’s dissect this Psalm 4 verse 4 the first part of the 44..

Stand in awe.. now if we look at the original version in the hebrew scripture the word “awe” comes from Yirah which translates in english either as “fear,” or “awe,” and the awe meaning reverence.

“And sin not” doesn’t mean you’ll go to hell like how christians want you to believe. In the early days the word sin comes from when archers would should their bow and arrow, and if they missed their mark,, they would then say “I have sinned,” which means error or failure, and when the church,specifically the christian church gained all the power they adopted the word sin.

Now, “Commune with your own heart” if you understand this term then you would know that in the bible the word “heart” is a Chaldean word meaning “Mind,” and throughout the bible the word “Heart” describes the subconscious mind.

“So commune with your own heart upon your bed and be still,”

You know the saying “You have made your bed now you have to sleep in it” well that saying means whatever you create, or have done is something you did, and now you have to live with the results.

The bed here is your mind, and when you commune with something, or someone you become “one” as in a community of one, and sin not here means not to miss your mark so that you can rest upon a decision that will make you become the man or the woman who you want to be.

The number 4 is also the number of creation. The four corners of the Earth. East, West, North, and South are all the four directions of the universe, so here you have 4:44

So here you have it, Brothers and sisters I tell you now, make sure you sin not, and strive to become the man or woman who you want to be. So whenever you look at the time, or anything and you see 4:44 then that means you must think about whether you became the man or woman you wanted to be, or if you are on the right direction in life to get to where you need to be.

Why do you think the last Jay-z album was 4:44 and on this album he was teaching knowledge on how a person should save, invest, and become the person who they should be.

Now, let us go into silence.