Blessed Jamaican Guinea Hen Weed


A bath that all spiritualist should use.


This herb is a powerful herb that for centuries have been known to cure various ailments. This herb is sold as a bath and every Obeah practitioner has been using this for years, the effects last for 3 months.

So it’s advised to take a bath in Guinea Hen Weed every 3 months.

We will also give you a teaching to use, prayers and the state of consciousness to fall in while using this bath.

It is to be boiled and the water from the herbs must be saved and used for a 7 day bath.

  • Improves luck.
  • Cleanses Aura.
  • Improves Psychic ability.
  • 1 oz.

It is advised to use this bath if you’re also doing hex work or any form of aggressive spiritual work.


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