21 Biblical Metaphysical Techniques To Tap Into Your Inner GOD (Obeah Science Book)



  • Written by one of our top teachers.


This book is a practice guide into the world of Biblical Metaphysics. This book teaches the essential steps to an ancient practice that is life-changing once you’re ready to change your circumstances.


The exercises that you will find in this book are practices that you can put into use right away, and you will see results if done correctly, all you have to do is just practice and use this book as your trainer to this wonderful mental discipline.


You will learn the Joshua 6 technique, the animals of heart approach using the animals of nature aligned with your feelings and emotions, breathing and meditating, respecting your imagination, developing awareness, metaphysical preparation, and much more.


This ancient art form and mental discipline is a gift that keeps giving, and when the teachings are properly applied you will also see the changes that occur in the areas in your life that you apply them to.

This book also comes with an accompanying short video course once purchased, you can find the info to get the course in the back of the book.


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