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Obeah tale

I remember growing up when I heard stories of Obeah they were vile. Some made it seem like Obeah was evil. They made it seem like it was a craft created by the devil. Now, when I look back at this I realize that the same people who called Obeah evil, or the devil were the same christians who practiced Obeah behind closed doors.

It appeared that in the public there was some shame, but behind closed doors the same christians who spoke out loudly against Obeah were the same practitioners of the craft.

I guess it must be the social taboo that follows Obeah because of the trans-atlantic slave trade. It is the slave trade that brought Obeah to the shores of the Americas and in 1760 after the Tacky’s War, or Tacky’s Rebellion  

The sad thing is that even till this day, a negative stigma has travelled with Obeah, and many has been misinformed. I am happy to be here, and I am happy to showcase Obeah in its beauty. In a way that you will love it because Obeah is a science, and Obeah is life.

I suggest you tune in,  and subscribe to the blog here and then continue your studies because this will be a wonderful spiritual journey.



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Feeling of love

When you get the feeling of love to manifest its blessing on you, the first thing you’ll feel is a inner calm. One that gives you butterflies whenever you think about the person that you love.

True love brings happiness, and a feeling of security, warmth, and a feeling that connects you to this person whom you love.

A person who you feel is your soulmate, and the infinite intelligence of the universe that some might call Yahweh, Allah, Brahma, or simply GOD has brought you your other-half.

Another who completes you, and make you whole.

This is what true love brings, or at least what it is supposed to bring.

  • “I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine.” ~ Song of Solomon 8:3

The love you have for your beloved should be the same way that your subconscious mind, and conscious mind are in love.

The one power that draws all that you want to you.

So, if you’re having a moment where you need love, or want to attract the right person, then you can get a ring that will help and aid your every desire.

You want to get something from a certain person, then we can fix a ring for you, and then you must follow our instructions on your end, and then you’ll get what you want.

It is all yours, but you must have faith and believe that it is.



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A cheating spouse revealed

Getting cheated on is quite heartbreaking because the trust that you once gave someone winds-up ruined. It winds-up down the drain and so everything is no longer the same.

A few months ago we did an intense reading for a client who was a very respected man in his area. In fact, he was the judge of a local court and he came to us worried.

He was worried because he had hints of his wife being disloyal, but he wasn’t sure what was going on. He went to various readers, and various sources and no help, so when he came to us; the judge looked at us almost like we were his last hope.

It was a little devastating to see such a respected man so weak, and unable to deal with his emotions. We told him that we would give him a reading just to see how things were going. Once we did the reading everything was revealed.

A man by the name of Joshua was revealed as the one who had been with this judge’s wife. When we asked him if he knew who Joshua was he immediately said yes, and told us it was his brother.

Once that was revealed he then said how things were now making sense. Especially, when he thought about how close his brother, and his wife were starting to become. He told us how one evening he saw his brother over at hise house and his wife was there. When he arrived he got a funny feeling of something was going on but he just couldn’t put his finger on it.

He asked us to help him, and indeed that is exactly what we did.

We told him that he would need two things.

Some alcohol and we would give him a ring that we fixed specifically for her to run her mouth and tell him everything he wanted to hear.

What he needed to do was create a romantic evening with her, and give her the alcohol of his choice to drink, then he would have to make sure she wore the ring.

Once she had it on, mixed with the combination of the alcohol, no matter what question he asked everything would get answered.

She would be compelled to give him raw, and unadulterated answers.

Boy did it work.

He just contacted us a few days ago, and said he finally filed for divorce and couldn’t take it anymore.

Although we hate being in the middle of such a messy situation, we’re also happy that we were able to bring results to a man who wanted some closure so he knew what direction his marriage was going in.

All we did was help excel the truth, and help bring out the “real” her, so that she can tell him everything that she was doing wrong.

This worked like a charm, and now the rest is history.


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Serving Two Masters

Today too many people are serving multiple masters. They’re unaware and unsure of who they are supposed to serve, and by not being totally aware this is creating much conflict in their lives.

Here is a quick example.

How many people do you know that will say they believe in GOD, and will scream how GOD is there for them, but then they will turn around and speak about how their life is hard?

They will talk about GOD as if they have a true relationship with this entity, but will talk about their life, or life itself as if it is so difficult that they don’t know what to do.

These people are serving two masters.

Mathew 6:24 “No man can serve two masters: for either he hate one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other,”

You can’t have the thought in your mind to love GOD, but then say that this same GOD whom you love won’t help you with life.

The reason why people do this is because they don’t truly believe in the living GOD. The living GOD that many people believe in is some man all the way in the sky who is distant from humanity, but yet they believe this same GOD has control over their lives, but he refuses to create a peaceful life for them.

That has been a wrong and false GOD. If you believed in GOD, then you would know this same GOD is within you.

“Behold the fowls of the air: for they sow not, neither do they reap, nor gather into barns: yet your heavenly father feedeth them, Are you not much better than they?” Mathew 6:26

The animals are well taken cared of because they know their purpose, and understand that their instinct ties them to the world around them and they are aware of their survival, so why aren’t you?

The same universal principles that created these animals also created you.

Now, what makes them different from you is that you have the power of thought, and this power connects you to all things GOD, and all things powerful within you.

I want you to think on this for a minute, and then come back and you’ll see everything that was said here is something that can help you on your journey in life.

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Ways to use a Ring

We get emails all the time from people who are always inquiring on the ways to use a ring. Well we would like to use this platform right now to explain a few ways you can use a ring.

First, we would like you to tell us your intention, once you purchase a ring, you will get an email from us. We like to talk a little, and start to build a relationship with you. Consider this as us being your spiritual physicians and our goal here is to help remedy your issue.

Now, once we briefly get to know you, we then start to come-up with how we can fix your problem.

One thing we always tell people is to never attempt to cram on million intentions in one ring, and here is an example of what we mean when I say not to do that.

We will often get emails from people who want a ring to be able to get back their cheating spouse, get them some luck and also keep enemies away.

Although all those are possible, we recommend not to try to bundle everything in one. To have a ring that is the most effective, we recommend that you set an intent per ring.

So, what that means is this, if you want to get your lover back, then get one ring that is designated for that.

If you want to have a burst of good luck, then get another ring for that.

This is a science, and it works the same way that nature and the natural world works.

Here is an example.

A heart surgeon doesn’t do the same thing as a dentist, nor does the dentist do the same thing as a podiatrist . A neurologist is different from a dermatologist.

Now, although they’re in the medical field they all specialize in one thing. If they all did the same thing, and tried to be a dentist, a heart surgeon, and a podiatrist in one then it would be a disaster, and they wouldn’t be as effective as they can be.

We can also look at the field of law, and see the same thing where a corporate attorney, a real-estate attorney, or a criminal attorney although all practice law, it is still different areas of the practice and if they chose to do everything at once then it would muddle their practice, and they wouldn’t be as efficient as they could be.

So, we just wanted to let you know that you must have a clear intent per ring because once you do then these things will be quite powerful for you.

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Isaiah 55:11

As we always state, and as long as your read our material you will learn the true power of the bible. Remember, the bible was written by illumined men, these were the mystics and they authors who you think are the authors really aren’t.

The ancient mystics had a different way of thinking, in fact it’s a way of thinking that only a few have today, and in Obeah we let you know that if you develop the mystical way of thinking, then you will have a new outlook on life, and use your thoughts to create more than you ever thought was possible.

Your thoughts, are GODS thoughts, when you breathe the air that the trees produce, it is this very air that connects all living things in this planet. The same sun that keeps our world alive is what lives in us to shine, and illuminate the mind of those who are really ready to seek this higher thinking.

I want you to know and understand this well, and understand it clearly because the Christ of the bible is here with you, when you place an outside GOD in your life, then you bring problems, and will forget all the laws of the universe.

In fact, your words are so powerful  as stated in Isaiah 55:11 “So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it.”

This scripture clearly highlights how your words will bring you back whatever you send them to retrieve, so if you have a mouth filled with animosity, or hate towards others, then your words will fetch that, and return the same hate towards you.

Whatever you put in the atmosphere shall certainly rain back down upon you.

We try to let people understand the power of words and your intention because every day in your life you’re coming across some type of word, or intention.

Whether it be a street sign, newspaper or book, no matter what it may be you’re always encountering words. Everything you feed yourself will reflect on you, so if you’re eating unhealthy food then so your body will be a reflection of that.

If you’re eating healthy ,then your body will also be a reflection of that. You are always a reflection of whatever you choose to absorb.

So, if you’re absorbing a heap of negativity, then that is what you will be and your life will have a negative outcome.

Think and feed yourself nothing but a high quality diet whether it’s food or words.

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See yourself as GOD

The bible is a book written by man to let man know that we are the GODS of the bible, and as we stated before that the bible is only states of consciousness personified as individuals, places or events.

Your feelings, and your words really shape your reality, and all the bible does is take allegory, and turn it into something that can free you. Human beings have taken the words of the bible literally, and have turned characters that really represent different states of consciousness into people who they “believe” actually existed.

Not one of the characters in the bible existed beyond the mind of the authors that wrote about them, but they were so great with mastering their mind that all the characters are playing out today in our world.

“Curse not thy king, no not in thy thought; and curse not the rich in they bedchamber; for a bird of the air shall tell the matter.” Ecclesiastes 10:20

If you look at this scripture from the form of Christianity then it makes no sense, but if you crack it open like the ancient mystics did, and know it is a state of mind, a level of consciousness, then you see the meaning.

People will curse themselves, and speak ill of life, and the world around them, and then all their words will come back to them, and all they’ll bring is strife, and misery in their life. The reason this happens is because your words, and your state of mind hold a great amount of power in your life.

In Obeah we teach that if you connect with the divinity in you, then you can paint images in your mind, hold them, and then let that image manifest in your physical life. It becomes a real situation where you wind-up connecting with GOD, and know “I AM THAT I AM,” and that is because you are a GOD.

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The numbers 444 or 4:44

444 or 4:44 what is the importance of this number combination?

On the surface the unaware would have no idea, but those who understand the biblical encoding that the authors did, and by the way, none of the characters in the bible are real or ever existed.. they are just states of the human consciousness personified as events, or characters.. we will eventually go through the whole bible from Genesis to Revelation piece by piece, but let’s get back to 444 or 4:44

If we go to Psalm 4 verse four we see that it says “Stand in awe, and sin not: Commune with your own heart upon your bed, and be still. selah.”

Now let’s dissect this Psalm 4 verse 4 the first part of the 44..

Stand in awe.. now if we look at the original version in the hebrew scripture the word “awe” comes from Yirah which translates in english either as “fear,” or “awe,” and the awe meaning reverence.

“And sin not” doesn’t mean you’ll go to hell like how christians want you to believe. In the early days the word sin comes from when archers would should their bow and arrow, and if they missed their mark,, they would then say “I have sinned,” which means error or failure, and when the church,specifically the christian church gained all the power they adopted the word sin.

Now, “Commune with your own heart” if you understand this term then you would know that in the bible the word “heart” is a Chaldean word meaning “Mind,” and throughout the bible the word “Heart” describes the subconscious mind.

“So commune with your own heart upon your bed and be still,”

You know the saying “You have made your bed now you have to sleep in it” well that saying means whatever you create, or have done is something you did, and now you have to live with the results.

The bed here is your mind, and when you commune with something, or someone you become “one” as in a community of one, and sin not here means not to miss your mark so that you can rest upon a decision that will make you become the man or the woman who you want to be.

The number 4 is also the number of creation. The four corners of the Earth. East, West, North, and South are all the four directions of the universe, so here you have 4:44

So here you have it, Brothers and sisters I tell you now, make sure you sin not, and strive to become the man or woman who you want to be. So whenever you look at the time, or anything and you see 4:44 then that means you must think about whether you became the man or woman you wanted to be, or if you are on the right direction in life to get to where you need to be.

Why do you think the last Jay-z album was 4:44 and on this album he was teaching knowledge on how a person should save, invest, and become the person who they should be.

Now, let us go into silence.

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Rice Prosperity Bath

Many times people forget that within your daily lives; you’ll encounter various energies. You’ll come across people who will drain your energy, and you’ll come across people who will replenish it.

You’ll encounter folks who will help you, and you will come across folks who will take from you.

The spiritual bath is one that you must do because every day you come across a great amount of people who will  whether willingly, or unwillingly will affect your energy in some way, or another.

If you took a shower today, wouldn’t you need another one tomorrow because tomorrow was a different day from today?

Well, we would like to share a very powerful prosperity bath with you, and these ingredients are easy to find.

What you will need is some rice, water, and a bottle of overproof rum.

‘First, pour the rice in the water, and let it boil for a minute as if you were cooking the rice. The thing is you don’t want to cook the rice, but just boil it so that the rice water is remained.

Now, pour out the rice water in a separate bowl. Once you have the water in a separate bowl you can discard of the rice however you choose. In fact, some would say bring the rice into nature, and give it to nature if you would like, but that’s your personal preference.

What matters here, is the water from the rice. What you must do now, is pour five drops of the overproof rum. Remember the number 5 is the number for GOD’s grace and you are now using this to gain the divine grace from within you, and through the universe. The same number of stones that David used to kill Goliath.

Realistically the story of David and Goliath is the story of a person overcoming any challenge, and five is the number of grace, and your five drops will be for each issue that is preventing your finances from soaring.

This bath is best done for seven days which is the number of creation, and it should be consecutively, so you must do it back to back, and then watch how it will burst your finances, once you’re actively pursuing a better way for yourself.

You can also think of the holy name Jihije every time that you do this bath, and you’re calling within your subconscious a spirit that will help open your world to a heightened level of prosperity.

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What a spritual teacher should do for you?

When it comes to the spiritual realm there are many scammers out there. We get people who will tell us that they went to “workers” who have scammed them out of thousands, and they never received any results.

They never even were able to get any real help for their issue, and all that happened were their issue was exacerbated and now they still have their issue, and less money in their bank accounts.

As you can see, and anyone who ever dealt with us can tell you that we are one hundred percent transparent.

When we sell rings and teach classes that is the only time we ask for money, and it is a medium of exchange, one energy transformed into a next. We will never hound you for extra dollars because we know how the universe works.

Once we help you, we know that you will speak high praises of us, and will refer a family member, or friend and we let our results allow us to make more money.

It hurts us when we hear stories of people losing their hard-earned money.

We see that there are people who are selling charms, and other things for outrageous sums of money, and yes nothing should be free, but we also believe that people shouldn’t be charging outrageous sums of money.

So, if you contact a spiritual teacher and automatically they’re trying to get money from you always be cautious.

If they aren’t worried about your problem, but are just focused on your next pay check, then that should be a warning sign.

We here will never even ask you for a penny, yes this is a business, but we try to focus more on your education because we know once you are fully informed, and equipped then your word of mouth will be the best promotion that we can ever receive.

We will NEVER charge you thousands, and the only time the fees get high with us is if you attend our classes, and even then they aren’t as expensive as they would be at a typical university or college.

We don’t believe that you should be in debt, if you want to enhance your spiritual life, now with that being said here is a good prosperity spell.

At every entrance of your home leave at least two quarters and before you drop it speak to the money, and tell it what you want from it. Make it be known that its goal is to bring more of its kind into your home, and into your path.

This will bring small amounts your way, but we all know  that nothing is too small because it’s better to have a little than to have none.

Remember a spiritual teacher should teach, and empower you, not shake you down for every penny that you may have.