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Make them fall in love

Love is a four-letter word and it’s that many are seeking, but what if you made a mistake and the person who you loved just left you, but you want them back.

Being in pain and constantly thinking about them can be devastating and it can also really play a toll on you mentally and physically.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had some way to bend them to your will?

Wouldn’t it feel good if you can one day just get them to give you another chance?

Well there is in fact within Obeah there are hundreds of ways to get a person to come back to you, so let’s discuss it.

Right now I am going to give you just a simple way, and if done right it will certainly get them back if you follow directions, and do it as it is written.

This method will be simple and if you follow it then your results will be phenomenal!

What you will need is a pair of their unwashed underwear and a pair of your unwashed underwear.

You will also need red yarn or red strings, and some needles.

You will have to tie the two crotch areas together.

So you will take your underwear crotch area, and your target and tie them together making 7 knots and with every knot, once it’s tied tightly you must call out their name.

Next, you will take the needles and stab them in each knot until everything is tightly put together.

What you will do next is take the red string wrapping it tightly around everything, once done you have “tied” the person to you.

Next, if you can get a jar of honey with a metal lid drop it in there and then leave it alone.

Forget about it, and watch how in the next few weeks or even days you will witness how the person is reaching out to you.

We recommend that you purchase this for full strength if not you can see your results, but you might have some issues if you have any doubt or you’re too emotionally attached.  This item will remove any doubt or negativity regarding your situation and you will get your way much faster.

In the coming weeks we will teach more techniques, but in the meantime try this out and see how powerful it is.

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Taken by spirit

There are time when the spirit can come over us.

This form of manifestation can happen in various settings, and in this blog post I will make my point clear and show you exactly what I mean. I will draw parallels so that you can see where you can apply it to your own life.

First when we say “Taken by spirit,” let’s first identify the context in which we are using that term.

A spirit can manifest in the twinkling of the eye and change all scenarios.

Example one.

A man comes home from work and finds his wife in bed with another man.

His day might have started well, and the thoughts that were flowing through his mind probably were the opposite of the emotion that he is now engulfed in, and what can happen now is that he can manifest a spirit of anger which will then force him to do an unthinkable act out of anger.

The spirit that has taken over his rational mind is one that  is corrupted and all rational thinking has exited his logic.

These cases of anger happens all the time.

We can see it in some women who find out their man might be cheating them with another woman.

In some cases the woman who is the victim of the deceit may want to physically fight the other woman, and if she succumbs to her anger she will probably go ahead and act upon this idea that is propelled by the spirit of anger that is controlling her.

Let’s now look at jealousy and how this can take hold of a willing host.

A person who is consumed by jealousy will let this spirit take them in a way that they’ll hate what another has only because they don’t have it.

They play the mental law of attraction backwards and only attract more of what they despise and will continue to wonder why they can’t advance.

“Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s house, thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s wife, nor his manservant, nor his maidservant, nor his ox, nor his ass, nor any thing that is thy neighbour’s.” Exodus 20:17

The one that covets is the one who remains jealous of what another possess.

A jealous individual will never gain as much the one who who they are jealous of.

They can never gain as much because they’ll hate what another has and by doing so their own hate keeps them from having the same fate as the one whom they hate.

Out of every way a spirit can take a person and rule them, love is the strongest.

The reason is because love is the foundation for all things.

Even a brutal dictator like Hitler may seem like he was full of hate, but in fact he loved dishing out his style of brutality and he loved oppressing others.

His love to be a tyrant was what drove him to becoming one.

A person who loves to complain about life constantly will find themselves in a whirlwind of complaints.

The same can be said about a person who loves blaming others for their problems.

They will find themselves consumed with never taking responsibility for their actions and continue being consumed by this spirit.

Energy creates, and every single day you are creating momentum in something that will set the tone for everything else that you may encounter.

This brings us to how different rings are sculpted within Obeah to create a balance.

I once had a woman say she needs help with focusing on her test because she couldn’t focus no matter how much she tried.

What we did was sculpt a ring that aligns with her intention, and one that created the momentum she needed to bring her focus back to her books so that when she finds herself drifting away she would be able to snap out of it; and get right back to her studies.

The ring was already programmed to what she needed to do and all it did was keep her in line, every time that she found her mind drifting away she was quickly brought back to focus.

You ever been at a party and found yourself dancing uncontrollably or found yourself in a situation where the music just took hold of you and it carried you away?

Well that was one spirit taking control of you..

So I am going to leave you with this little piece to think about.

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Stepping into your true self

The purpose of true spirituality is to make a person realize their inner power.. let’s first look at the root word which is “spirit” and that comes from the Latin spiritus which means “vigor,” “mind,” “courage,” or “breath.”

In Hebrew the word Ruach means “wind,” or “breath.”

Spiritual means something concerning the spirit, and spirit also means ” the animating vital principle in man and in animals.”

This can be broken down in many ways if your spirit animates you; it also connects you to the vitality you need to flourish then this must be treated with great care.

Many people will allow their spirit to die and won’t treat it with care like how they would treat their car or even their hair.

Think about this for one second, and think about it deeply.

People will invest hundreds of dollars if not thousands into their hair care, but will skimp on investing in themselves when it comes to their spiritual growth.

They won’t see their spiritual growth as an important thing and they’ll allow it to just crumble, most will only turn to spirituality when things are going bad and will try to use it as a quick fixer.

Isn’t it best to see a doctor before an illness occurs so you can prevent it from happening?

Spirituality is the same way, and I will see a large number of people who will come to us when things go bad, and sometimes it will be so bad for them that their spirit is depleted and they might be so far gone that it would take drastic measures to help them.

This is why at all times you must work on stepping into your true self.

Every morning after you wake up, take a few moments to meditate and allow yourself to just fall into the grace of the infinite that surrounds you.

Don’t do like most people and say “Aww today isn’t my day,” or tell yourself that “you woke up on the wrong side of the bed.”

All of these self-defeating sayings will only give you the bad end of the stick and place you in a position that will give you all that you asked for.

Breakfast is the most important physical meal of the day, but the real important meal is what you feed yourself mentally because that shapes your spirit, and spiritually it will reflect  within you and it will be the groundwork to what your life is built on.

Not that which goeth into the mouth defileth a man; but that which cometh out of the mouth, this defileth a man.

Matthew 15:11

What defiles a person are the words that they speak because your words animate your existence and it can either build your spirit, or tear it down like how a hurricane does to a mid-west town.

When you do a spell or enchant a item you are always saying a word to that item or saying a word with the spell.

You’re making it clear that this is what you’re doing and with complete volition you can create exactly that you’re saying.

So this is why it’s vital that you recognize the power of your words and the kind of spirit that you can conjure with them because those spirits will follow you and bring to you exactly what you have called into existence.

Feed the spirit within you, and give it the type of life that will enrich you like a well groomed garden because the garden is growing within you, and it grows weeds based on every foul or negative thought that you place in your mind.

By you giving yourself the opportunity to take care of your spirit you will step into your true self.

We have done a great amount of spiritual healing and I can tell you that the causes of many ailments that fall on mankind is caused by the lack of people feeding their spirit properly.

Various illnesses come from this, and this is why a person can feel sick or know they’re sick and will go to the doctor and the doctor probably won’t find anything wrong with the person.

They’ll do x-rays, take blood and do all their medical procedures and still wont find anything wrong although the patient will feel ill and will know that something isn’t right.

Your spiritual health is just as important as your physical health, if not more important in some ways because your spiritual health or your spiritual well being can impact your physical existence, while your physical existence will only impact your spiritual if you aren’t feeding your spiritual correctly…

This is why we always recommend spiritual baths because they are essential, they clear your mind and cleanse your aura..

If you want a great one we recommend this one here.

Treat yourself as if you’re the only person in the world, but yet treat everyone you come across as if they are the most important person you know.

By doing this you will treat yourself and others with respect, and everything will be reflected back to you as this will create a special balance that places you in harmony with your surroundings.

Many are in conflict with themselves on a regular basis and this reflects in how they treat others and it can be seen in their demeanor.

For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God:

Ephesians 2:8

The grace is the thanks and gratitude that you have knowing that your faith in who you are and in the great spirit that lives within will be your redeemer and savior.

It’s a gift from GOD as this is the GOD that lives in all, and is the creative force that permeates through all living things.

It lives in the universe, and also in the mind and hearts of all humans.

We can use it to bless us or we can use it to hurt us, it’s your choice.

Think about that.



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The Spiritual Bath

It can sometime feel like life can become hectic, and a person might find themselves at some crossroads. Whether it be good or evil this crossroads can determine the next move that many will take.

You will have some people who won’t see the axiomatic thing within every decision, but some are confused and in doubt.

You give power to what you place feeling in, or should I say whatever you give true devotion to will be what reflects back to you.

So look at it like this, imagine being at a pivotal position in life, but you can’t find the clarity that you need.

Or you find yourself with tons of bad vibes following you, and you’re left wondering what is going on?

You probably look at yourself as a good person, and as an individual that wouldn’t harm a fly, but it constantly feels like you’re getting harmed and things just isn’t going your way or as you expect.

Bad things can happen to good people especially when you aren’t prepared for what is to come.

A general in the military has a wealth of resources at his disposal and he uses these resources wisely.

He is able to use whatever he must to get the advantage over the enemy and if he finds himself in a situation where he needs reinforcements he can easily do that.

He can easily call on the forces that will help him win his campaign, and advance on the enemy.

A general knows his capabilities.

Obeah functions the same way, and to the skilled Obeah worker they know their capabilities and they’ll leave no stone unturned or let no problem evolve into something so large that  it is out of their control.

One thing many forget is that the folks that you encounter daily plays a major role in your day to day life.

You can pick up their bad vibes or energy and this is why it’s very important that you constantly cleanse your aura.

It’s important that you take spiritual baths at least every 3 months to wash off any bad that you might encounter.

So many people will neglect the occasional spiritual bath and in the process they will neglect a part of their spiritual development that is crucial to their well-being.

A daily bath is essential to keep your physical body clean, but what are you doing to ensure that your spiritual body is clean?

Are you taking your own spiritual bath that you created?

If so then that is good, and you must stay the course. If  you aren’t and you want a potent powerful bath that will keep you covered for 3 months check out our Guinea Jamaican Hen weed that is sure to remove any negative spirit or vibe that might be on you, and it’s sure to keep your aura and keep you cleansed for at least 3 months.. Check it out here. 


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Obeah Makutu

Within the realm of Obeah or within the practice we know that different states of consciousness in altered states can create items.

The item is just a physical representation of your will that has been reinforced within the item.

The same way our world is made up of symbols and images.

When it’s Christmas time we see trees, and images  of Christmas.

When it’s valentine’s day we see images and symbols of love, all of these different images plays a role on our consciousness and we help manifest the seasons, and the feel of those seasons collectively.

Now, you as an individual can have your own personalized item called a Makutu which made its way into Obeah by way of the slave trade with native customs from all over the world, even as far as New Zealand.

This Makutu is fed and given given prayers which are fed with the words that activate it.

You can have a Makutu to keep in your home, so it doesn’t get robbed and if a robber comes near they’ll skip your house and go to the home of someone else.

You can make a Makutu to curse someone else who is against you, and curse their property or vehicle and allow yourself to get ahead.

You can have a Makutu in your home for Good luck, or in your vehicle so if you get in a car accident even if the car is totaled you’ll walk out clean without a scratch.

What we do is custom make it, and fill it with your intention which gives it your own personal spirit that lives in it and abides to the request you gave us.

It takes seven days to make this, but it is custom, below we show you a step by step of how we made one for a client to protect their home from any intruders, and from any hostile actions from anyone whether it be spiritual or physical.

First we get the traditional herbs ready, and the Fifth table of Saturn which inscribed upon are Hebrew letters that by themselves can do your bidding, if you know what you’re doing.

We mix the Herbs, and fall within the state of you being the victor,  and speak the prayers while inscribing your name and intention of the Fifth  table of Saturn speaking to it, and saying the Hebrew and Aramaic invocations with your name on it, from day one til day three.



By day four a candle is burned with alcohol to the spirit that is now creating from the previous days of speaking your intention and creating the spirit that will do your  work.

Once day five arrives it’s time to wrap this spirit in tightly as your intention is blended with it, and we have made it correctly in its traditional way, and now it’s getting locked in.


When Day six comes it is now totally under domination with the candle keeping it locked and compelled by the Fifth table of Saturn.



Once day seven comes it is done, and ready to be shipped.


Below you will see the instructions.

No one is to touch the Makutu besides you.

If you are getting this to help build your finances you must hold it and absorb it before going to sleep at night, and then put it away making sure no one else sees or touches it.

Whenever you put it away always have a dollar bill, or some form of money from your country next to it, so that the spirit is familiar with the type of money you want, it’s important not to confuse this spirit or you risk confusing your finances.

If you are using it to curse someone else’s property, you must drop it in any area that they won’t be able to find it, and walk away without looking back.

If you look back before reaching your home, you have called the spirit back with you and have ruined the curse. Not looking back abandons the spirit where you left it, so that it doesn’t follow you and it roams where it is.

If you are using it to become a sex freak, it is important that when you give us the instructions and once you receive it, you will have to speak to it, and place it in front of you, while you masturbate so that the spirit can absorb your sexual energy.

After that put it away, only to masturbate in front of it to charge it up. This will then make you sexually desirable to others and you will have your way sexually with the individuals that you come across.

Please note that if you are using this to improve your finances, it will have to get sprinkled with liquor once a week and treated like how you would a business partner.

It is a living breathing spirit and how you treat it, is how it will treat you.

These Makutus are usually sold in the Caribbean for thousands, but given the current time we can custom make it and within seven days get it to you for $97.00 if you want one, feel free to make your purchase here.


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Raising your consciousness

Obeah in its purest form is nothing more than a heightened sense of consciousness, it is the individuals who rises higher in consciousness on many levels who are the ones that wind up being the folks that do great things for humanity, and for society.

Just look at a medical doctor and see how their ability helps everyone else.

It is because they raised their consciousness when it comes to the science of medicine which then benefits all of us when they come up with great innovations in the field of medicine.

The same thing with a school teacher, and anyone else who makes it their goal to raise themselves in consciousness and become bigger and better than what they thought they could be.

So now let’s apply this to a standard approach that can drive this point across much clearer.

If you took a candle and lit it on fire, and stated an intention; what you’re doing is giving life to what you speak.

The candle is a representation of your intention, and by it being lit what you were doing was adding energy or some life source to your intention.

You’re just giving a visual interpretation to what you already internally believe to be true, and so this is what you know.

Try this quick technique.

Take a small white candle and then hold it to your forehead.

Close your eyes as you roll it to your forehead and as it is between your eyes quickly think of your intention without even speaking it.

Then place the candle in a safe place before lighting it, and just allow this to burn.

Do this for five days in a row with one of the regular white candles.

Just think thoughts of great things surrounding the intention that you made, and when you’re done doing this just let it go and act as if you didn’t do a thing.

You’ll see how what you placed your intention in will seem to appear, and manifest in ways that you had no clue of.

Practice this, and keep a note or some record of your growth and of what you are doing.



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Why Obeah is so effective

No matter what spiritual system you work with, Obeah is still able to penetrate it and the reason why is because it’s a science in itself.

It’s the same way that if you were in the United States, Britain, or Jamaica the mathematical formula of 1+1=2

This is because that mathematical formula is a science in itself that will never change no matter where in the world you might be.

The Obeah man uses the same science in his work and becomes the conqueror in all situations.

The Obeah man/ woman also knows the laws of giving to receive, they know that certain imaginal actions create forces that impact this world.

This is why it is never a good idea to seek Obeah work and expect it to be “FREE” that is just as insulting to a Obeah practitioner as it would be to a lawyer if you walked in his office wanting pro bono work and he didn’t advertise himself as that type of lawyer.

Obeah isn’t a spirituality for the faint of heart, this is one of the reasons why it is so elusive and you won’t be able to find much info about it online.

It’s a craft where the practitioners keep the secrets close to them, and if  you become a student, just like if you went to a university or college you would have to compensate the teacher for the knowledge that they are giving you.

This knowledge when utilized in the correct way can create wonders in your life, and the lives of the folks who are around you.

If you want true genuine Obeah and are ready to take the Metaphysics course where we teach you the science before moving you on, contact us here the Metaphysics course if $797.00 USD.

It consist of 11 weeks of video modules and course work, that test your manifesting techniques and one year of support.

This starts you on to the next phase.

If you want to learn Obeah overnight then this isn’t the craft for you, but if you are serious about the craft and really want to learn the science and the ways of the ancestors then feel free to contact us here and let’s talk.

We work with everyone from professional athletes, politicians, Hollywood actors, rappers, musicians, plumbers, doctors and regular Joes.

The only thing we ask is for you to be serious because we take this serious so if you’re ready lets talk.

Our testimonials are amazing and hopefully one day we can get one from you.

check them out here.

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The power of GOD

The power of GOD is immensely powerful,  just look around and you will see the creations that have been given to us from GOD.

The birds of the air, the stars of the sky and many other wonders that live in the world and the universe. Now look at yourself and think about what was bestowed upon you.

The power that was given to you is what was given to every man, but first you must learn to tap into this power because this power is one that can give you happiness or it can give you hell.

A sunny day makes a person feel happy and leaves them with a full spirit.

A day where you hear that a hurricane is coming can leave an individual scared, weary or hoping nothing bad happens.

These two different days represent two different emotions and these emotions are tied to the infinite intelligence that is GOD, and this infinite intelligence lives within us.

It dictates everything, this is why a person can do a spell or wish something on someone else, and they can actually bring it to pass even if the other person was what society might call a “good person.”

The one who called themselves the “good person,” might be good in a worldly  sense like they pay their taxes and obey the laws that man have made, but they didn’t obey the laws of mind.

With their unaware mind, the same way that the weather can bring out certain emotions and feelings within an individual; they can also do the same within them, and bring it out to effect their outside world.

So if you find yourself always gloomy or down that is likened to a day where the weather is terrible like during a hailstorm or a rainy cold, windy day.

You should want to bring sunshine into your life because where the sun shines nothing or no one can stop the sun.

The power of GOD is an understanding that a person develops while on their mystical journey.

This is a journey that can take you through various emotions, some will take you high and others will make you feel lonely, and somewhat lost.

The person who isn’t able to control their emotions and feelings won’t have total control over this power because it will gain the upper-hand over them and so it will be their master.

Don’t let a power that can help you, be the power that destroys you..

Think about that..

For couching feel free to contact us here 

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Imagination and its spiritual power

One active power that every genuine Obeah practitioner holds is their ability to use their imagination or their imaginal acts to influence events that will happen in the outside world.

A genuine Obeah practitioner knows their power of mind and knows through this power they are able to do just about anything.

Your mental acts create your outer events.

Here is an example of the power of this, but you probably didn’t notice.

When you choose to make breakfast or dinner. The first thing that you do is imagine what you will eat. I am sure that you also imagine it being delicious.

You then get the ingredients and then put together the meal which then becomes something that you brought to life.

This all started from your imaginal act.

When you want to buy a new car, the first thing that you do is imagine yourself in a new car and then all the other acts you do will or will not bring you to this new car.

Everything in this world is like that, so now when we discuss the spiritual world and its power; to negate the power of your imagination will only ruin your own internal powers.

One of our great metaphysics teachers have a whole course based on this concept, and he has helped countless folks, you can check it out here  if you say we sent you; you’ll get a discount and also a discount on the Obeah course when you’re done with the metaphysics course bcause to thoroughly learn Obeah you must first learn Metaphysics.

Anyway, one great tool that you can use to empower your imagination is to get a glass of water.

You must get a clear glass and place some fresh water in it.

This is going to help your belief and your imagination @ the same time.

You will also build a solid spiritual foundation by seeing that you hold the power, and tapping into this power will be the true power of GOD.

Now take the glass and bless it by asking for a small amount of money like $100 or less, you can ask for more if you truly believe but let’s just start off small at first.

See this water as what will give you what you asked for and know that what you asked for is already given to you.

Practice this, and realize how much of the power that you already have is being constructed and built in a way that will be beneficial for you.



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The Lucky Seven

Many have come to look at seven as a lucky number. The lucky seven as they call it but how has seven become so prevalent and has been labelled as such a “lucky” number as one may call it?

It’s quite fair to say that “luck” can be in the eye of the beholder, or a perception of one’s own belief system.

Here is an example of “luck” being in the eye of the beholder.

A person can take themselves out of a hard financial state and unknown to someone else, another might look at them and call them “lucky.”

They will call them lucky and won’t see what this so called “lucky” person did to elevate themselves financially.

What looks like luck to one person is nothing more than a strong mental resilience to another.

Now back to the number seven and it’s inherit spiritual value and the power that it holds.

Seven is the Hebrew number for spiritual perfection. When one has spiritual perfection they have a clear understanding and power of the spiritual world and how what goes on there impacts their physical world. Now, to get a better understanding of GOD and the spiritual world I recommend that you read this 

Now back to the number seven and its definitive role that it plays in your life. As you see seven is all around us.

Seven days completes a week, and within seven days most are done.’

In the Bible it speaks of how it took GOD seven days to create the earth.

We know scientifically that wasn’t possible, but the seven days that it took to create the earth is an allegorical story highlighting the creation and spiritual journey one goes through to realize that they are the master of creation or the GOD that decides their future.

The spirit that you call on that has the power to change things within your life is what some might call “Brahma, Allah, Jehovah, Yahweh, Oludimare, etc.. The name changes within culture, but this great spirit is nothing more than a trained subconscious mind.

One that when subdued you have great control, this is what the Bible speaks of when it says slaves must obey their master.

The slave is a trained subconscious mind, and you are its master.

In Obeah a great Obeah man or woman is one that knows who the master is, and who is the slave.

They understand the power of the number seven and they seek ultimate spiritual perfection, and won’t accept anything less than that.

When you see this power and what it offers in your life, then you will see that you hold the key and that seven can open doors for you that weren’t opened before or doors that you thought were shut.