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You are Moses

When you want to have real power, the mind is where everything starts. If you looked at men who ran empires, then you would see that their thought was where it all started.

Wars were started over different ideologies. Relationships started because of a thought.

You could see how a thought which is birthed in the mind is what creates great innovation. The fact that you are on this website reading this right now, are all thoughts that were brought to life. Everything that now exist was once a thought, and even your existence was a thought first conceived by the universe, and then given to your parents, as they thought to have a sex act that can then bring another life into this world.

In Obeah, we show you how powerful you really are. How your thoughts can connect to the spirits of this world, which are all aspects of GOD, which is the infinite intelligence of the universe which lies within nature, you, and in your imagination.

Now let’s look at this piece of scripture.

Exodus Chapter 11:1 “And the Lord said unto Moses, yet will I bring one plague, more upon Pharoah, and upon Egypt: afterwards he will let you go hence: when he shall let you go, he shall surely thrust you out hence altogether.”

Now, if you look at this on face value, it makes absolutely no sense. Many take this as an actual event, but if you study the thought of man’s mind that Bible scriptures are, and knew it in its original spiritual form, then you would know this is just something that is taking place in the mind of man.

Moses in the Egyptian meaning means “Son.” Here is when the first savior before Jesus Christ enters. Now, since Moses is the deliverer, his name, and Moses his self is just a meaning for your illuminated thought. The Bible figures are nothing more than man’s different level of consciousness to figure out how he/she is a GOD and how to tap into that spiritual energy to affect the world around them.

No figure, or event in the Bible was real beyond the mind of man’s thought, but if used correctly the Bible is a powerful spiritual book.

We will teach you this, but first let’s get more in-depth with this first.

We now know that Moses was the first “son” before Christ. The Lord is speaking, but if we look at the English definition of the word “Lord.” We would see that it means “leader,” “authority,” or the “one with power.” It is an old Germanic term that Germanic tribes would use because the “Lords”, or “Lord” were the leader of the tribes, and they would feed their followers loaves of bread.

The same way that in the Bible bread is personified, and given great significance.

We will get deeper into that in your lessons, but back to this scripture. Moses who is the first “son” which is an illuminated thought getting info from the Lord that is the mind of man talking to himself to free himself from bondage of not being illuminated, and understanding the world around him. The plague will be the new thought that takes man out of bondage.

The Pharoah is just the thought that is holding man back from understanding himself and the world.  The plague represents the new thought which will kill the old way of thinking, hence bring man out of Egypt, and now the Pharoah will let Moses go, and his people go.

Egypt here, represents man in mental bondage, and unable to understand the world beyond what is going on before the “Son” Moses came and inspired him, and his people’s freedom. Then we see how he will surely thrust Moses and his people out all together.

Many religions teach that this really happened. They  also teach that Moses was really a person leading his people out of Egypt.

Well, we show you how they were wrong. These events are really taking place in man’s mind, and Moses is nothing more than your first state of consciousness to become aware, and tap into this GOD that lives in you. This GOD in you will help you spark a great imagination, and a greater connection to nature, your ancestors and to GOD.

The universe will be at your disposal, and as the you will see how your words truly are power, and they shape the world around you, but everything starts with your divine thoughts.

“Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.” Proverbs 18:21

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How to make GOD work for you?

In the Bible we see that man is plagued with various issues. We see that if you look at the Bible at what it is written as you’ll wind-up confused.

If you read the Bible literally you’ll end up thinking this doesn’t make sense. The Bible in its truest form is nothing more than man having a conversation with himself in his mind, and coming to understanding his name. Mankind is carefully growing with intelligence in the Bible.

If you were to take it at face value, then you would see a book filled with contradictions, violence etc. You would see a book that has been used to oppress, and enslave many.

A book that has been tied to radicals, and has been used out of context.

The Bible is nothing more than the world’s most powerful book. It is the only book that many has that has been used in the ways that has been used. The Bible is a book that has been used as a tool for control, an not for what it originally was created for, and that was to enlighten the mind of man.

The Bible is a book that if you study it, in its ancient form, you’ll be able to see all the characters, places and events are nothing more than different stages of man’s consciousness.

Jesus Christ is the highest point in man’s consciousness, and at this point you get closer to the father, and become one with nature, and a trinity with yourself, your ancestors and one with the universe.

“He is not the GOD of the dead, but the GOD of the living.” Mark 12:27

God comes to the living, and not the dead. Once you’re alive that means mentally you are up, and able to see things others can’t. The illumined mind is the Christ consciouness, and at this point you will see the GOD in you, and the way you are intouch with the world.

When you are awakened; you will gain a love for nature, and see all the aspects, and different spirits of nature as one with you. You will look at the universe, and as modern science shows the same atoms and particles that make up the universe are also in us; you will see that the GOD of the universe is in you.

An awoken mind is like gold found in a land of milk and honey. Obeah can make you see the Bible for it’s real meaning as a book of mental events, a story going on in man’s mind, and not actual events or figures.

The different states of man’s consciousness is just personified as individuals in the Bible.

You are more powerful than you might believe, and our goal is to show you that by opening your eyes.

You are GOD once awoken, and really living in his/her image because you are the GOD of the Bible, an awakened mind.

“So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.” Genesis 1:27


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How to imagine, and create.

In Obeah we know that the mind is powerful, and with the mind we can imagine everything that we want. Just look at all the major cities throughout the world, and just look at how man imagined that from their mind. A mind that is connected to god is one that is filled with creative expression, understanding, and the will to embark on a life that is based on great purpose.


“I can do all through Christ which strengthen me.” Philippians 4:13

The Christ that strengthens you is nothing more than your mind that is elevated on a level of high consciousness that allows you to walk on water, and do the impossible. To many what the Wright Brothers were doing was the impossible.

They were attempting to go against nature, and use a flying apparatus. If they listened to the sheep, then they would have been lead to slaughter.

“He has brought as a lamb to the slaughter, and as a sheep before her shearers is dumb, so he opened not his mouth” Isaiah 53:7

It’s a good thing that the Wright brothers weren’t like a lamb, and saw that this infinite intelligence was what they needed to contact in order to see god.

When you image you create everything, and you bring all the results that you seek to fruition.

Let’s just take the basic human act of masturbation into consideration.

I’m sure you have masturbated before in your life, and in order to reach your point of climax, I am sure you remember what you did to get there. You probably used deep focus, and a deep sense of concentration to arrive at your destination.

You were able to envision yourself in a sexual act, and finally you reached the point of orgasmic bliss.

Well everything in life is like that, and if you are able to utilize your mind to have an incredible orgasm, then you can also utilize it to gain whatever it is that you desire in life.

In Obeah we teach this concept clearly, and it is one that you will be able to understand and love, once you get the meaning.


God isn’t far from you, so once you look within, then you will see how important it is to look at yourself as god because you have his/her image whenever you look in the mirror.

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The day Jesus will return

The Lord, the one who we are told is our savior and redeemer still haven’t come back to show his face. People throughout the ages have been waiting for a man whom they have never met to come back, and save them from a world that he created.

People have spent their whole lives living in the misguided concept of how a man will come down from heaven, unaware that the concept of god becoming man was a piece of scripture that shows you how your mind can make you become closer to god.

The physical return of a man won’t happen because he never existed.

“Draw near to God and He will draw near to you Cleanse your hands, you sinners; and purify your hearts, you double-minded.”  James 4:8

When you draw closer to god, you’re actually getting closer to the part of your mind that allows you to think in a manner that is conducive, and beneficial to mankind. In fact even serial killers like Charles Manson have drawn closer to god in their mind, but they have touched on the evil aspect which in Christian circles would get confused for the devil.

“Suppose ye that I am come to give peace on earth? I tell you, Nay; but rather division.” Luke 12:51

Charles Manson was just tapping into the evil piece of the mind of god, and causing havoc on the body of god, which is us. Our society that help make up one for this human existence that we share in this dimension.

God is infinite, and it is through the son that we meet the father, and the son is a high much more illuminated conscious that allows you to be one with the universe which is the father that we must meet.

Only real illumined individuals get to this level though. The reason why only a few reach such great heights is because many are still programmed, and are hoping that they will be saved by someone whom they never really met rather than in their mind, and through stories that have been told to them throughout years of going to church.

In Obeah, we teach you that this mind you have is more powerful than what you think, and we show you how the scripture is supposed to be used. It is a self-image psychology book, and through it you will learn how to understand your life, and also your bloodline.

You shared the same bloodline with your ancestors, and if it wasn’t for them you wouldn’t be here. So, you are ultimately your ancestors in a new form, but yet you can still contact with those who came before you, and petition them for help because they are your divine link.

The mystics who wrote the bible knew this, and those who distorted the message for their personal gain also know this, and they know the best way to keep someone dead is by making them think someone else will save them from a problem or issue that you created for them.


Obeah can save you, and give you more by allowing you to see god’s will be done in your life. You are the god, and your will must be.

When you do what you are divinely created to do, then all will work in your favor, and when you are satisfied, so is god.

“This is good, and pleases God our Savior, 
 who wants all people to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth.” 1 Timothy 2:3-4
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Why does god let bad things happen to good people?

The world has been indoctrinated by organized religion for so long that all of the laws of nature, and the universe has been forgotten.

Man over the years has come to disregard all the laws of nature, and many have blamed all their shortcomings in life on an entity with horns and a pitchfork who resides in hell surrounded by fire, and brimstone.

Religion has disrupted the flow of harmony with nature in so many parts of our society that in many cultures if someone expressed a deep love for nature, within an instance they would be labelled as a devil worshiper.

Christianity and Islam has become the world’s two dominant religions, and in many ways they have created an unbalance in the flow of the universe because they don’t show their followers the true laws of the universe, and how to become one with the infinite while on their life  journey, neither religion shows their followers how to really connect with the divine. Both religions will teach you to pray, but in a way where you’re begging rather than aligning yourself perfectly with the flow, and order of the universe.

They teach you that god is in the sky far, and distant from you and in order to be in heaven, or in a place where you are with god’s grace before you die; you must live your life according to what the church says, and then you might meet god when you die. The way that their doctrine is taught doesn’t really empower the individual.

Obeah teaches us that when you understand the harmony of the universe you can become one with it, and Jesus is your mind changed, and a higher conscious to connect with the source.

All you’re doing is being the god that you always were “So god created man in his own image, in the image of god created he him; male and female created he them.” Genesis 1:27

We all are created to be gods, and play our  universal part and leave our mark on humanity to continue our species, and be one with the infinite universe. God is all around us, and within us, not far in the sky sitting on a throne looking down on us.

When we say incantations with the Psalms from the bible in Obeah, all we’re doing is tapping into a certain vibration that those words have, so that we can create a ripple effect within the universe which then speaks to the god of the universe which is your higher conscious that we all have access to.

There is only one power, and man can use it for good or for bad. God is infinite in wisdom because man’s wisdom is infinite. Next time you think about why does something bad happens to a good person, it wasn’t god’s fault.

You thought it was god’s fault or either to blame it on a fictional devil that was created by the church to scare you, so that you can be under their control.

Organized religion is the best way to control the masses, but Obeah will free your mind.

It will make you look at god in a totally different way, and look at the universe and the role that you play in it.

Recite this powerful prayer daily, at various times throughout the day. Look in the sky when the sun is setting, and before it rises and say,

“I am the temple of god because god lives within me.”

When you look to the sun before it sets you’re looking to the early rise of what helps sustain all things that are living on this planet, and  allows our planet to be a living and breathing entity of its own. You are calling out with strength to the god in you, and by saying you are a temple, you are allowing the energy of the sun to flow through you.

Start this simple prayer routine and watch how your life  will start to change for the better because you aligned yourself with the universe, and with the true god.

You are a being with a spirit inside you that is connected to the spirit of the earth. The bible is a book of high spiritual awareness, but has been misinterpreted as a book to dictate morality and pass judgement.

We will show you that Obeah will make you live a much happier life as you relax within the comfort of the universe “The bosom of the father” that the bible speaks about, which is really a masculine and feminine duality, but was misinterpreted as a man only.

Everything in nature is feminine and masculine, the two energies are what creates life, and god is found among the two. This is one reason why real true love between two individuals feels so good because two godlike souls have come together ,and were blessed by the universe.

Obeah will give you great understanding.



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What makes the Obeah Guard Ring powerful, and how does it contain your energy to work for you?

Obeah might be a mysterious practice to some, but to many of us it is a lifestyle. To many of us it is a way that we look at the universe and interact with nature, and our fellow-man.

Energy flows through the universe, and in your daily life you encounter different spirits, vibes or energies from the people whom you come across.

You might walk in a room, and you’ll be able to feel the vibe, or energy of the room.

You might find yourself around someone who has a bad vibe, and you get a feeling in your gut that you don’t really like the particular vibe that this person many bring. You are being told by your spirit, and your connection to the universe that the person whom you are around doesn’t have the energy that is conducive to making you a better person, and a spirit being that is harmonious with the universe.

In fact, if you ever been around someone who once you got around them, their vibe changed your mood, then that means you picked up the nasty energy that the person who you were around possessed.

You were now covered in spiritual muck as I would say, and this could have brought on various feelings or emotions. You could have now felt like your day was ruined, you probably became lazy out of nowhere, or you just wasn’t feeling like your regular self.

Now, once you know how to fully control this energy then you will know how to charge up your subconscious mind, and bring whatever spirit you may want into your life.

The Obeah ring is powerful because it allows your  subconscious mind to flow freely into your desire. Your subconscious mind is where everything takes place to create change in your life, and as a result you wind up changing not only your life, but also the lives of those who you really  care about.

Whether you are just starting out, or you have done countless spells before let me tell you a little about how they work.

A spell is nothing more than your intention focused to bring about your desire. So if you had the intention to do a money spell, and you effectively executed the spell, then your desire came about, this means you manifested your intention.

If you did a spell to bring back a lover, or to curse someone they all start in the same place.

No matter the deity, ancestor or saint that you call on, everything starts in one place first.

In Obeah we know that all spells start in the subconscious mind, and it is here where you tap into the mind of god to bring about your desire.

“Delight thyself also in the lord; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.”  Psalms 37:4

Your subconscious mind works and it is the virgin Mary that give birth to your virgin thoughts which materialize into real world things or real world events.

It allows your conscious mind to function.

If you  ever done a spell to ST. Expedite to speed up a situation ,what really gave your spell ammo was the fact that you were already aware of who St. Expedite was.

You are aware of him being a Saint that can speed up any situation, and therefore once you started doing the spell work ; your subconscious mind was already in the background working because by you being aware of St. Expedite and all that he can do, or is capable of doing this soaked into your subconscious and got your spell working.

The subconscious is the mind of god, and you have the opportunity to tap into it, and this is why when you get a Guard Ring we first make sure you clean your mind.

We give you a series of steps before your ring’s arrival so your thoughts, and the energy that will flow with it is a pure one.

This is to cleanse your mind of any lingering debris of negativity, self-doubt or worry.

All rituals are like this, and this is the reason why all religions, customs or any event on the planet will have some ritual with it to charge up the subconscious mind.

The Olympic games will have an opening ceremony to get the athletes in the right mental state to prepare themselves for what is to come.

All these ceremonies before events are all rituals for the subconscious. Look around at the world that you live in, and you will be able to see what I am saying.

So once you get the ring the other rituals will start to charge it. Once we now know that your mind is clear, it is now time to do a series of rituals to charge your ring up with your desire. So if you get a ring for spiritual protection, so anyone who tries to do evil spiritual work on you their work is sent right back to them, then that is what we will do the next steps of rituals for.

These rings are nothing more than a working, living and moving spell on your finger with your intentions connecting to it, and your subconscious mind is wide open to bring about your desire.

We have crafted rings to help with money, bring a loved one back, or to make a person lose all moral stability. We crafted rings so a person could give it to another who was their adversary, but their adversary thought they were friends when really the ring had a spirit of bad juju on it to curse the recipients life.

Energy can be transferred from one medium to a next, and that is all we do with the rings, and we show you how to do it.

These rings along with many other objects are a big part of Obeah. Moses and in his time they all were Obeah men and Obeah women. they had staffs that were charged hence why “Thy rod, and thy staff shall comfort me.”

You will find the comfort in your ability, and you’ll learn how to control it, so you can live a day-to-day life of spiritual growth,


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The God of the universe and of Obeah

In Obeah we know that the universe is god, and that same god lives within us and we are connected to this infinite source. God is every thought manifested, and this world that we live in has everything that started as a man’s vision and now it is manifested.

From automobiles, airplanes, roads, computer technology, everything on this earth has come from a human beings mind.

This is the infinite intelligence that points directly from god. This is the spirit of creativity that helps man become great and allows us to tap into god.

“Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom and with all they getting, get understanding.” Proverbs 4:7

Mankind has studied science, and many have distorted science. Theologians have also distorted the bible, and today the two are separate.

Religion has become radical and science have gone astray. But when you understand the world, and what Obeah tells us is that everything is connected, and so is everyone. God is found in nature, and within the mind of man, and throughout the universe.

It is proven that the same particles and atoms that make up the universe also is within us. We are a connected universe, and only a few people know how to tap into this infinite power that is within us.

For behold the kingdom of god is within you. The bible speaks of this, but today’s translation has distorted the original meaning. The true message has been corrupted and people think a savior is coming, unaware that they are their savior with the ability to tap into god.

There are several ways you can feed your spiritual body which is a higher conscious that will allow you to tap into the source, and when you are in perfect harmony with nature, and the laws of it, and the universal law then your life will be as you want it.

Obeah is a powerful science in which we teach you to see how faith and confidence is a part of god that you can tap into, and feel the divine presence that was always with you. Once you understand this presence you’ll react to the world around you in a different way.

You will gain much respect for nature, and for your fellow-man and woman. You will understand that your mind is your most powerful weapon because in the mind is where every innovation is formed because everything started as a thought that then became real.

The bible was once a thought in a man’s mind.

Your mind will connect you with your ancestors, and give you faith in everything you do because everything takes faith.

A mechanic has faith in his ability to fix an automobile.

A surgeon has faith in his ability to do a successful surgery.

A teacher has faith in her ability to teach a class, and a barber has faith in his skills at cutting hair.

How does a person builds this faith in their craft or in what they do? Well they first learn the science of it, and then they practice with all volition, and this is them tapping into the god within them, and this is a direct connection from the universe which is a divine presence from god.

Obeah is powerful, and as you continue your journey we will show you how to empower yourself. Once you understand your purpose in life, and you’re truly connected to the divine, then ultimately you will feel a great sense of calm, and you’ll be able to look at the world around you in a very different angle.

You will be able to see the auras, energy and vibe of those who come around you. You will build confidence in what you do, and feel that through your bloodline your connection with your ancestors is stronger, and through being a human on earth your connection with mankind in a whole lot stronger.

God will always be with you because once you control your mind, and tap into the science you will look in the mirror and see a god because he was made in your image, not you being made in his because you are the god of the bible.

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Spirit of jealousy

People will get jealous, and start to envy your possessions, your ambition or anything great that you might display. People will get jealous because they see that you have a spouse who they may desire. We live in a world where jealousy is running rampant.

Sometimes someone can be so jealous that they’ll look at you with a serious evil eye, and project so much negativity on you that their jealousy has now placed a bad spirit on you, and you now find yourself having bad luck. This is very serious, and this is part of the reason why it’s never good to tell someone else your plans.

People tend to inflict their own jealousy on you, and then cause your plans to crumble and you wouldn’t even know why. Everything that was going good for you, just randomly start to go down the drain. People back out, and all your previous progress just now goes down the drain. It now feels like all your hard work is going unnoticed.

Well this is all due to the fact that you were given the evil eye by someone who had the worst intentions for you, and your goal. This is one reason why it’s good to carry some protection on you, or have a ring that will protect you from these type of situations.

The amount of people who you come across daily should be enough to let you know why it is important that you ward off the spirit of jealousy before it comes knocking.

Remember this, and feel free to get in touch with us regarding this and many issues.



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You must connect with the universe

One thing about Obeah is that it is a science that is all about connecting with the universe. It’s all about being in perfect harmony with nature because god if found within nature, and within us.

You must know that the great spiritual worker is one who can see they are divinely placed here to be one with nature. To act according to the laws of nature. The is no good or bad. No devil pulling the strings. Mankind was given free will by the creator, and we are also creators.

We can shape our world in any direction that we see fit, in fact we are the ones who will lead our life in a direction that can be compelling, or one that isn’t worthy of much.

When you get to understand the science, and see why Obeah is so powerful, then you will get to understand god. You are the god “Ye are all gods. The spiritual world is real, and you must live in balance with the universe or risk having a life of sorrow. Your ancestors are there for you, and you should always know that they are who you can turn to when you are in need.

I hope you see exactly why I felt the urge to write this brief message to let you know why you must connect with the universe. Please stay connected with us and subscribe as we help guide you on this spiritual journey.

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Love matters

Sometimes in life you have people who will take pride in breaking another person’s heart, these people will get some type of excitement when it comes to seeing someone else unhappy.

These are the people who are nothing more than scum of the earth. We say that because for someone to get enjoyment from someone else’s heartbreak that really says a whole lot about an individual.

It speaks volumes, and there comes a time when you (the one with the broken heart) must take action to get over such a dreadful moment. You must do everything that is possible to get over such a dilemma. Here at ObeahGuardRings we can help you.

This shows the efficacy of Obeah and its potency. We are able to fix objects that will either bring the same amount of pain to the one who broke your heart or worst.

This science has the ability to bring vengeance to those who deserve everything that they have coming to them. So if this sounds like you please feel free to send us a message, and we’ll love to see just exactly how we can help you.