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New Custom design!!

We can now custom make you a ring  exactly as you state.


You just have to tell us the size, and how you would like it and then we will customize it for you, and do it exactly the way that you requested or close to it. We are happy to share that since we started this site. We have been able to change the lives of hundreds of people. I love hearing about the success stories, and also seeing how the students who take the Metaphysics course, and the Obeah Course go on to prosper.

Some start their own spiritual practices, and some just utilize the teachings for their own advancement. I am proud to know that we are leading and are capable of making a strong impact.

All custom made rings start @ $49.99 So if you’re interested in a custom ring, feel free to send a message first here and the shipping is FREE as always.

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Court Case, Immigration issues or legal problems? This can help

When facing legal issues we know that it can become quite stressful, not just dealing with going back and forth to court which is a major headache, but it can also get very stressful on the family members and loved ones of the accused.

We are going to teach you a simple, but yet powerful formula that will not only silence the tongues of those speaking against you, but this will also give you an upper-hand.

First if you haven’t taken our metaphysics course, then please take it here taught by a great teacher that we’re proud to be working with, the course is usually $5,000  but it’s on sale for only $797.

You will learn the backbone of Obeah, but if you you haven’t taken it don’t worry.

You might currently be short on funds, and need a quick approach to silence those who speak against you, not only in court, but at your job, or in your regular everyday life.

This working is very powerful, and what makes it powerful is the fact that it utilizes the symbol of speech, and we all know that humans love to talk.

Now what best symbolizes speech better than a tongue?

So, this old ancient spell is the classic “cow-tongue spell.”

Items you’ll need are.

  • Cow-tongue
  • Red pepper flakes or some kind of hot pepper
  • Strings or some type of tying mechanism
  • Nails and a black or even white candle
  • Sulfer Powder
  • Name paper of your target
  • White or Black candle

All these items are carriers of your intentions.

What you’re doing here, is making your intentions speak through these items.

Remember Psalms 46:10

“Be still and know that I AM GOD”

There is no other GOD, but you and now you’re bringing your awareness to your intent, and so by doing this you’ll create what you desire because it’s GOD’s will, and you are the GOD with the power to move mountains.

What you must do now is get a brown piece of paper and write your targets name on it nine times.

Then write “Shut the fuck up” over their names.

Then take a knife and slit the tongue down the middle. Once it’s cut open insert the paper with your targets name, while focusing your intent on them being quiet and gaining a heavy tongue when trying to speak against you.

*Note* if you have a piece of the target’s clothing or any personal concerns this will be even better to add to the tongue.

Now sprinkle the pepper in there, so their mouth will burn them if they ever mention your name.

Next add the sulfer powder, then tie it up with the string as tight as possible.

Add the nails next with the pin, and burn a black or white candle on top of the tongue with the target’s name carved in the candle.


The science behind this is to show you what your complete focus can create. The results will be amazing if you do this correctly.

*Note* don’t attempt to do this if you’re too emotionally involved in the situation, I highly recommend that you hire us to do it for you if you can’t do it, but if you can then please do it and get the great results that you are aiming for.


We have done this for high profile court cases, many you probably read about or saw on the news.

We have helped folks in immigration issues, and many other situations..


Literally the list goes on, and we just love seeing our clients win in cases that many thought would be hopeless for them.

Below is a picture of a cow-tongue we just did for a client that was facing a murder charge and if found guilty he would have gotten the death penalty.

The prosecution wasn’t even able to talk or make sense and so the jury found him not-guilty.

The power of Obeah is amazing when you understand the Metaphysics behind it, this is why Metaphysics is so important.



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Obeah and power

Any great Obeah practitioner would be able to tell you of its power, and when you get acquainted with it then you will see that you always had that power.

In fact the power was always there, all that you do is learn to control it, and that’s what we teach.

Imagine being able to call on a force to help you when you’re in danger the same way that you can call on a loved one when you want to speak to them.

This power is a force like no other, and it is around us on a daily basis. Picture this, look at your thoughts as what holds the key to your universal happiness.

Look at your mind, as what connects you to GOD the same way that your dna connects you to your ancestors.

You are the the power cord, and in Obeah we try to plug you into a outlet that then gives you power the same way that an electrical outlet gives a tv power whenever you plug it in.

We are already halfway through the year, and so far the results that we are getting from our students who have taken our course, and are following what we are teaching them have left me so delighted that I felt the urge to write this post.

Obeah is very beautiful, and this is why when it comes to the spiritual realm Obeah in my opinion is the most powerful because there is no limits to it. There are no rules, it makes you one with GOD because you are that which you become.

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When you seek revenge

Revenge is a natural part of human existence, when the United States is attacked the first thing that they seek is revenge.

It can embolden you, and give you absolute power, it can allow you to crush an enemy and get the power that you need to gain the advancement that you seek.

Revenge keeps balance, and order in the universe.

When a lion is attacked, it naturally goes by its instinct and fights back.

When you are attacked, so you must also fight back, especially if you know you did nothing wrong. The power or the force to be the avenger, the judge and the jury is already within you, but all you’re doing here is calling it out.

If you feel like this speaks to you, then feel free to contact us, and take the course where you will learn the science  behind Obeah, and the ability to gain the revenge that you seek.

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The Obeah course for the year is here

Yes folks we have started the course, and it is on…


We will teach you all you need to know, and you will gain so much. Once it’s over you will become your own Obeah woman/Man..

We are proud to know that we will help many gain the guidance that they seek, so that they can get exactly what they are after in life.

All that you want to gain is yours, once you truly go out for it, and seek it. Life is nothing more than a dream, some live in a nightmare, while some live in total bliss.

No worries, or problems..

No issues, or worries, and the reason is because they are aware of their surroundings capabilities, and the power that lies within them.

When that power within you is realized, and noticed it is a lamp beneath you feet lighting your path, and it also allows you to create a way in the wilderness, meaning you will get everything that you are seeking..


You will remove any doubt and attain your true blessing..


It is doubt that kills most people, and prevents them from being everything that they want to be..


Allow us to guide you, and bring you to where you need to go..

Enroll in our Obeah courses.. payment plans are available, if you don’t want to pay in full..

Contact us for our payment plan option…


Check out the course here..

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Great News for those who want to learn Obeah

Hello family,

I have some great news for you. We are now getting ready to start our course, and this is going to be an intense one where we give you the info, and you go at your own pace, but yet come back to us whenever you want because we’re going to be here to answer all your questions, and also be able to guide you through the course work.


What you’ll learn.

  • The power of your mind.
  • How you add power to every aspect of your life.
  • How you can manifest what you need in your life.
  • Deep metaphysical studies.
  • How Obeah is nothing more than the power that you have within you, and the power that’s in nature and how to call on this power.
  • How you are the GOD of the universe because the universe revolves around you.

You will learn this, plus more. So, if you are interested in learning this beautiful spiritual system please contact us here

So we can put your name on the list for those who are interested students.

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Clear your mind

In the world that we live in sometimes all types of negativity can blurry your thoughts, and make your mind become clouded. Your subconscious mind will hold on to a nasty thought and you will bring nothing but hardship to your life.

This is why you will see so many individuals who will have nothing but constant defeat after defeat.

You might even be one of these individuals. You probably wonder why is life doing this to me?

Why me?

What did I do, and why is the devil causing me hell?

Well the devil is real, and this devil isn’t one with a pitchfork and horns..

No, this devil is the doubt and negative energy that follows you. The energy that prevents you from being motivated so that you can become what you’re supposed to become. This causes you to be short-sighted and turns life into your worst enemy. This transforms you into a person who can’t think positively, and by thinking negatively all you’ll do is bring more bad into your life.

You’ll corrupt yourself, and cause nothing but pain in your life.

Now, is the time to stop think focus yourself on clearing your mind.

We know it’s easier said than done, and sometimes you have to get extra help to really deal with this problem because this can be the elephant in the room, or maybe the elephant in your mind that will wind-up eating you alive as you go by in life.

Don’t let this monster consume you.

We are here to help, and this is why you should book a subconscious mind clearing session with us here

We have drastically reduced it from $150.00 to $40.00.

This isn’t a reading because readings tend to leave your subconscious mind susceptible to whatever the reader says.

With this we will make you see that you impress your feelings, and thoughts onto your subconscious, and your conscious mind just carries it out whether it may be good or bad.

Your mind won’t be absolutely clear with just one session, because all that you’re feeling and going through took a lifetime to create, but the first session should be a great session to help with clearing your mind, and setting you up on the right path.

Please feel free to book a session here.

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Obeah tale

I remember growing up when I heard stories of Obeah they were vile. Some made it seem like Obeah was evil. They made it seem like it was a craft created by the devil. Now, when I look back at this I realize that the same people who called Obeah evil, or the devil were the same christians who practiced Obeah behind closed doors.

It appeared that in the public there was some shame, but behind closed doors the same christians who spoke out loudly against Obeah were the same practitioners of the craft.

I guess it must be the social taboo that follows Obeah because of the trans-atlantic slave trade. It is the slave trade that brought Obeah to the shores of the Americas and in 1760 after the Tacky’s War, or Tacky’s Rebellion  

The sad thing is that even till this day, a negative stigma has travelled with Obeah, and many has been misinformed. I am happy to be here, and I am happy to showcase Obeah in its beauty. In a way that you will love it because Obeah is a science, and Obeah is life.

I suggest you tune in,  and subscribe to the blog here and then continue your studies because this will be a wonderful spiritual journey.



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Feeling of love

When you get the feeling of love to manifest its blessing on you, the first thing you’ll feel is a inner calm. One that gives you butterflies whenever you think about the person that you love.

True love brings happiness, and a feeling of security, warmth, and a feeling that connects you to this person whom you love.

A person who you feel is your soulmate, and the infinite intelligence of the universe that some might call Yahweh, Allah, Brahma, or simply GOD has brought you your other-half.

Another who completes you, and make you whole.

This is what true love brings, or at least what it is supposed to bring.

  • “I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine.” ~ Song of Solomon 8:3

The love you have for your beloved should be the same way that your subconscious mind, and conscious mind are in love.

The one power that draws all that you want to you.

So, if you’re having a moment where you need love, or want to attract the right person, then you can get a ring that will help and aid your every desire.

You want to get something from a certain person, then we can fix a ring for you, and then you must follow our instructions on your end, and then you’ll get what you want.

It is all yours, but you must have faith and believe that it is.



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A cheating spouse revealed

Getting cheated on is quite heartbreaking because the trust that you once gave someone winds-up ruined. It winds-up down the drain and so everything is no longer the same.

A few months ago we did an intense reading for a client who was a very respected man in his area. In fact, he was the judge of a local court and he came to us worried.

He was worried because he had hints of his wife being disloyal, but he wasn’t sure what was going on. He went to various readers, and various sources and no help, so when he came to us; the judge looked at us almost like we were his last hope.

It was a little devastating to see such a respected man so weak, and unable to deal with his emotions. We told him that we would give him a reading just to see how things were going. Once we did the reading everything was revealed.

A man by the name of Joshua was revealed as the one who had been with this judge’s wife. When we asked him if he knew who Joshua was he immediately said yes, and told us it was his brother.

Once that was revealed he then said how things were now making sense. Especially, when he thought about how close his brother, and his wife were starting to become. He told us how one evening he saw his brother over at hise house and his wife was there. When he arrived he got a funny feeling of something was going on but he just couldn’t put his finger on it.

He asked us to help him, and indeed that is exactly what we did.

We told him that he would need two things.

Some alcohol and we would give him a ring that we fixed specifically for her to run her mouth and tell him everything he wanted to hear.

What he needed to do was create a romantic evening with her, and give her the alcohol of his choice to drink, then he would have to make sure she wore the ring.

Once she had it on, mixed with the combination of the alcohol, no matter what question he asked everything would get answered.

She would be compelled to give him raw, and unadulterated answers.

Boy did it work.

He just contacted us a few days ago, and said he finally filed for divorce and couldn’t take it anymore.

Although we hate being in the middle of such a messy situation, we’re also happy that we were able to bring results to a man who wanted some closure so he knew what direction his marriage was going in.

All we did was help excel the truth, and help bring out the “real” her, so that she can tell him everything that she was doing wrong.

This worked like a charm, and now the rest is history.