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Make them fall in love

Love is a four-letter word and it’s that many are seeking, but what if you made a mistake and the person who you loved just left you, but you want them back.

Being in pain and constantly thinking about them can be devastating and it can also really play a toll on you mentally and physically.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had some way to bend them to your will?

Wouldn’t it feel good if you can one day just get them to give you another chance?

Well there is in fact within Obeah there are hundreds of ways to get a person to come back to you, so let’s discuss it.

Right now I am going to give you just a simple way, and if done right it will certainly get them back if you follow directions, and do it as it is written.

This method will be simple and if you follow it then your results will be phenomenal!

What you will need is a pair of their unwashed underwear and a pair of your unwashed underwear.

You will also need red yarn or red strings, and some needles.

You will have to tie the two crotch areas together.

So you will take your underwear crotch area, and your target and tie them together making 7 knots and with every knot, once it’s tied tightly you must call out their name.

Next, you will take the needles and stab them in each knot until everything is tightly put together.

What you will do next is take the red string wrapping it tightly around everything, once done you have “tied” the person to you.

Next, if you can get a jar of honey with a metal lid drop it in there and then leave it alone.

Forget about it, and watch how in the next few weeks or even days you will witness how the person is reaching out to you.

We recommend that you purchase this for full strength if not you can see your results, but you might have some issues if you have any doubt or you’re too emotionally attached.  This item will remove any doubt or negativity regarding your situation and you will get your way much faster.

In the coming weeks we will teach more techniques, but in the meantime try this out and see how powerful it is.

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