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The Spiritual Bath

It can sometime feel like life can become hectic, and a person might find themselves at some crossroads. Whether it be good or evil this crossroads can determine the next move that many will take.

You will have some people who won’t see the axiomatic thing within every decision, but some are confused and in doubt.

You give power to what you place feeling in, or should I say whatever you give true devotion to will be what reflects back to you.

So look at it like this, imagine being at a pivotal position in life, but you can’t find the clarity that you need.

Or you find yourself with tons of bad vibes following you, and you’re left wondering what is going on?

You probably look at yourself as a good person, and as an individual that wouldn’t harm a fly, but it constantly feels like you’re getting harmed and things just isn’t going your way or as you expect.

Bad things can happen to good people especially when you aren’t prepared for what is to come.

A general in the military has a wealth of resources at his disposal and he uses these resources wisely.

He is able to use whatever he must to get the advantage over the enemy and if he finds himself in a situation where he needs reinforcements he can easily do that.

He can easily call on the forces that will help him win his campaign, and advance on the enemy.

A general knows his capabilities.

Obeah functions the same way, and to the skilled Obeah worker they know their capabilities and they’ll leave no stone unturned or let no problem evolve into something so large that  it is out of their control.

One thing many forget is that the folks that you encounter daily plays a major role in your day to day life.

You can pick up their bad vibes or energy and this is why it’s very important that you constantly cleanse your aura.

It’s important that you take spiritual baths at least every 3 months to wash off any bad that you might encounter.

So many people will neglect the occasional spiritual bath and in the process they will neglect a part of their spiritual development that is crucial to their well-being.

A daily bath is essential to keep your physical body clean, but what are you doing to ensure that your spiritual body is clean?

Are you taking your own spiritual bath that you created?

If so then that is good, and you must stay the course. If  you aren’t and you want a potent powerful bath that will keep you covered for 3 months check out our Guinea Jamaican Hen weed that is sure to remove any negative spirit or vibe that might be on you, and it’s sure to keep your aura and keep you cleansed for at least 3 months.. Check it out here. 


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