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The Lucky Seven

Many have come to look at seven as a lucky number. The lucky seven as they call it but how has seven become so prevalent and has been labelled as such a “lucky” number as one may call it?

It’s quite fair to say that “luck” can be in the eye of the beholder, or a perception of one’s own belief system.

Here is an example of “luck” being in the eye of the beholder.

A person can take themselves out of a hard financial state and unknown to someone else, another might look at them and call them “lucky.”

They will call them lucky and won’t see what this so called “lucky” person did to elevate themselves financially.

What looks like luck to one person is nothing more than a strong mental resilience to another.

Now back to the number seven and it’s inherit spiritual value and the power that it holds.

Seven is the Hebrew number for spiritual perfection. When one has spiritual perfection they have a clear understanding and power of the spiritual world and how what goes on there impacts their physical world. Now, to get a better understanding of GOD and the spiritual world I recommend that you read thisĀ 

Now back to the number seven and its definitive role that it plays in your life. As you see seven is all around us.

Seven days completes a week, and within seven days most are done.’

In the Bible it speaks of how it took GOD seven days to create the earth.

We know scientifically that wasn’t possible, but the seven days that it took to create the earth is an allegorical story highlighting the creation and spiritual journey one goes through to realize that they are the master of creation or the GOD that decides their future.

The spirit that you call on that has the power to change things within your life is what some might call “Brahma, Allah, Jehovah, Yahweh, Oludimare, etc.. The name changes within culture, but this great spirit is nothing more than a trained subconscious mind.

One that when subdued you have great control, this is what the Bible speaks of when it says slaves must obey their master.

The slave is a trained subconscious mind, and you are its master.

In Obeah a great Obeah man or woman is one that knows who the master is, and who is the slave.

They understand the power of the number seven and they seek ultimate spiritual perfection, and won’t accept anything less than that.

When you see this power and what it offers in your life, then you will see that you hold the key and that seven can open doors for you that weren’t opened before or doors that you thought were shut.


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