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Court Case, Immigration issues or legal problems? This can help

When facing legal issues we know that it can become quite stressful, not just dealing with going back and forth to court which is a major headache, but it can also get very stressful on the family members and loved ones of the accused.

We are going to teach you a simple, but yet powerful formula that will not only silence the tongues of those speaking against you, but this will also give you an upper-hand.

First if you haven’t taken our metaphysics course, then please take it here taught by a great teacher that we’re proud to be working with, the course is usually $5,000  but it’s on sale for only $797.

You will learn the backbone of Obeah, but if you you haven’t taken it don’t worry.

You might currently be short on funds, and need a quick approach to silence those who speak against you, not only in court, but at your job, or in your regular everyday life.

This working is very powerful, and what makes it powerful is the fact that it utilizes the symbol of speech, and we all know that humans love to talk.

Now what best symbolizes speech better than a tongue?

So, this old ancient spell is the classic “cow-tongue spell.”

Items you’ll need are.

  • Cow-tongue
  • Red pepper flakes or some kind of hot pepper
  • Strings or some type of tying mechanism
  • Nails and a black or even white candle
  • Sulfer Powder
  • Name paper of your target
  • White or Black candle

All these items are carriers of your intentions.

What you’re doing here, is making your intentions speak through these items.

Remember Psalms 46:10

“Be still and know that I AM GOD”

There is no other GOD, but you and now you’re bringing your awareness to your intent, and so by doing this you’ll create what you desire because it’s GOD’s will, and you are the GOD with the power to move mountains.

What you must do now is get a brown piece of paper and write your targets name on it nine times.

Then write “Shut the fuck up” over their names.

Then take a knife and slit the tongue down the middle. Once it’s cut open insert the paper with your targets name, while focusing your intent on them being quiet and gaining a heavy tongue when trying to speak against you.

*Note* if you have a piece of the target’s clothing or any personal concerns this will be even better to add to the tongue.

Now sprinkle the pepper in there, so their mouth will burn them if they ever mention your name.

Next add the sulfer powder, then tie it up with the string as tight as possible.

Add the nails next with the pin, and burn a black or white candle on top of the tongue with the target’s name carved in the candle.


The science behind this is to show you what your complete focus can create. The results will be amazing if you do this correctly.

*Note* don’t attempt to do this if you’re too emotionally involved in the situation, I highly recommend that you hire us to do it for you if you can’t do it, but if you can then please do it and get the great results that you are aiming for.


We have done this for high profile court cases, many you probably read about or saw on the news.

We have helped folks in immigration issues, and many other situations..


Literally the list goes on, and we just love seeing our clients win in cases that many thought would be hopeless for them.

Below is a picture of a cow-tongue we just did for a client that was facing a murder charge and if found guilty he would have gotten the death penalty.

The prosecution wasn’t even able to talk or make sense and so the jury found him not-guilty.

The power of Obeah is amazing when you understand the Metaphysics behind it, this is why Metaphysics is so important.



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