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Obeah and power

Any great Obeah practitioner would be able to tell you of its power, and when you get acquainted with it then you will see that you always had that power.

In fact the power was always there, all that you do is learn to control it, and that’s what we teach.

Imagine being able to call on a force to help you when you’re in danger the same way that you can call on a loved one when you want to speak to them.

This power is a force like no other, and it is around us on a daily basis. Picture this, look at your thoughts as what holds the key to your universal happiness.

Look at your mind, as what connects you to GOD the same way that your dna connects you to your ancestors.

You are the the power cord, and in Obeah we try to plug you into a outlet that then gives you power the same way that an electrical outlet gives a tv power whenever you plug it in.

We are already halfway through the year, and so far the results that we are getting from our students who have taken our course, and are following what we are teaching them have left me so delighted that I felt the urge to write this post.

Obeah is very beautiful, and this is why when it comes to the spiritual realm Obeah in my opinion is the most powerful because there is no limits to it. There are no rules, it makes you one with GOD because you are that which you become.

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