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When you seek revenge

Revenge is a natural part of human existence, when the United States is attacked the first thing that they seek is revenge.

It can embolden you, and give you absolute power, it can allow you to crush an enemy and get the power that you need to gain the advancement that you seek.

Revenge keeps balance, and order in the universe.

When a lion is attacked, it naturally goes by its instinct and fights back.

When you are attacked, so you must also fight back, especially if you know you did nothing wrong. The power or the force to be the avenger, the judge and the jury is already within you, but all you’re doing here is calling it out.

If you feel like this speaks to you, then feel free to contact us, and take the course where you will learn the scienceĀ  behind Obeah, and the ability to gain the revenge that you seek.

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