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A cheating spouse revealed

Getting cheated on is quite heartbreaking because the trust that you once gave someone winds-up ruined. It winds-up down the drain and so everything is no longer the same.

A few months ago we did an intense reading for a client who was a very respected man in his area. In fact, he was the judge of a local court and he came to us worried.

He was worried because he had hints of his wife being disloyal, but he wasn’t sure what was going on. He went to various readers, and various sources and no help, so when he came to us; the judge looked at us almost like we were his last hope.

It was a little devastating to see such a respected man so weak, and unable to deal with his emotions. We told him that we would give him a reading just to see how things were going. Once we did the reading everything was revealed.

A man by the name of Joshua was revealed as the one who had been with this judge’s wife. When we asked him if he knew who Joshua was he immediately said yes, and told us it was his brother.

Once that was revealed he then said how things were now making sense. Especially, when he thought about how close his brother, and his wife were starting to become. He told us how one evening he saw his brother over at hise house and his wife was there. When he arrived he got a funny feeling of something was going on but he just couldn’t put his finger on it.

He asked us to help him, and indeed that is exactly what we did.

We told him that he would need two things.

Some alcohol and we would give him a ring that we fixed specifically for her to run her mouth and tell him everything he wanted to hear.

What he needed to do was create a romantic evening with her, and give her the alcohol of his choice to drink, then he would have to make sure she wore the ring.

Once she had it on, mixed with the combination of the alcohol, no matter what question he asked everything would get answered.

She would be compelled to give him raw, and unadulterated answers.

Boy did it work.

He just contacted us a few days ago, and said he finally filed for divorce and couldn’t take it anymore.

Although we hate being in the middle of such a messy situation, we’re also happy that we were able to bring results to a man who wanted some closure so he knew what direction his marriage was going in.

All we did was help excel the truth, and help bring out the “real” her, so that she can tell him everything that she was doing wrong.

This worked like a charm, and now the rest is history.


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