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Ways to use a Ring

We get emails all the time from people who are always inquiring on the ways to use a ring. Well we would like to use this platform right now to explain a few ways you can use a ring.

First, we would like you to tell us your intention, once you purchase a ring, you will get an email from us. We like to talk a little, and start to build a relationship with you. Consider this as us being your spiritual physicians and our goal here is to help remedy your issue.

Now, once we briefly get to know you, we then start to come-up with how we can fix your problem.

One thing we always tell people is to never attempt to cram on million intentions in one ring, and here is an example of what we mean when I say not to do that.

We will often get emails from people who want a ring to be able to get back their cheating spouse, get them some luck and also keep enemies away.

Although all those are possible, we recommend not to try to bundle everything in one. To have a ring that is the most effective, we recommend that you set an intent per ring.

So, what that means is this, if you want to get your lover back, then get one ring that is designated for that.

If you want to have a burst of good luck, then get another ring for that.

This is a science, and it works the same way that nature and the natural world works.

Here is an example.

A heart surgeon doesn’t do the same thing as a dentist, nor does the dentist do the same thing as a podiatrist . A neurologist is different from a dermatologist.

Now, although they’re in the medical field they all specialize in one thing. If they all did the same thing, and tried to be a dentist, a heart surgeon, and a podiatrist in one then it would be a disaster, and they wouldn’t be as effective as they can be.

We can also look at the field of law, and see the same thing where a corporate attorney, a real-estate attorney, or a criminal attorney although all practice law, it is still different areas of the practice and if they chose to do everything at once then it would muddle their practice, and they wouldn’t be as efficient as they could be.

So, we just wanted to let you know that you must have a clear intent per ring because once you do then these things will be quite powerful for you.

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