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Rice Prosperity Bath

Many times people forget that within your daily lives; you’ll encounter various energies. You’ll come across people who will drain your energy, and you’ll come across people who will replenish it.

You’ll encounter folks who will help you, and you will come across folks who will take from you.

The spiritual bath is one that you must do because every day you come across a great amount of people who will  whether willingly, or unwillingly will affect your energy in some way, or another.

If you took a shower today, wouldn’t you need another one tomorrow because tomorrow was a different day from today?

Well, we would like to share a very powerful prosperity bath with you, and these ingredients are easy to find.

What you will need is some rice, water, and a bottle of overproof rum.

‘First, pour the rice in the water, and let it boil for a minute as if you were cooking the rice. The thing is you don’t want to cook the rice, but just boil it so that the rice water is remained.

Now, pour out the rice water in a separate bowl. Once you have the water in a separate bowl you can discard of the rice however you choose. In fact, some would say bring the rice into nature, and give it to nature if you would like, but that’s your personal preference.

What matters here, is the water from the rice. What you must do now, is pour five drops of the overproof rum. Remember the number 5 is the number for GOD’s grace and you are now using this to gain the divine grace from within you, and through the universe. The same number of stones that David used to kill Goliath.

Realistically the story of David and Goliath is the story of a person overcoming any challenge, and five is the number of grace, and your five drops will be for each issue that is preventing your finances from soaring.

This bath is best done for seven days which is the number of creation, and it should be consecutively, so you must do it back to back, and then watch how it will burst your finances, once you’re actively pursuing a better way for yourself.

You can also think of the holy name Jihije every time that you do this bath, and you’re calling within your subconscious a spirit that will help open your world to a heightened level of prosperity.

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