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What a spritual teacher should do for you?

When it comes to the spiritual realm there are many scammers out there. We get people who will tell us that they went to “workers” who have scammed them out of thousands, and they never received any results.

They never even were able to get any real help for their issue, and all that happened were their issue was exacerbated and now they still have their issue, and less money in their bank accounts.

As you can see, and anyone who ever dealt with us can tell you that we are one hundred percent transparent.

When we sell rings and teach classes that is the only time we ask for money, and it is a medium of exchange, one energy transformed into a next. We will never hound you for extra dollars because we know how the universe works.

Once we help you, we know that you will speak high praises of us, and will refer a family member, or friend and we let our results allow us to make more money.

It hurts us when we hear stories of people losing their hard-earned money.

We see that there are people who are selling charms, and other things for outrageous sums of money, and yes nothing should be free, but we also believe that people shouldn’t be charging outrageous sums of money.

So, if you contact a spiritual teacher and automatically they’re trying to get money from you always be cautious.

If they aren’t worried about your problem, but are just focused on your next pay check, then that should be a warning sign.

We here will never even ask you for a penny, yes this is a business, but we try to focus more on your education because we know once you are fully informed, and equipped then your word of mouth will be the best promotion that we can ever receive.

We will NEVER charge you thousands, and the only time the fees get high with us is if you attend our classes, and even then they aren’t as expensive as they would be at a typical university or college.

We don’t believe that you should be in debt, if you want to enhance your spiritual life, now with that being said here is a good prosperity spell.

At every entrance of your home leave at least two quarters and before you drop it speak to the money, and tell it what you want from it. Make it be known that its goal is to bring more of its kind into your home, and into your path.

This will bring small amounts your way, but we all know¬† that nothing is too small because it’s better to have a little than to have none.

Remember a spiritual teacher should teach, and empower you, not shake you down for every penny that you may have.

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