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Your spiritual health.

It is very important that you take care of your spiritual health. Most folks forget that their spiritual health is quite important. When you go to the doctor the purpose of going is to take care of your medical health.

When you go to a psychologist; you’re taking care of your mental health.

When you go to the gym; you’re taking care of your physical health.

So what most people don’t understand is that their spiritual health is very important. A person can’t be fully healthy if they don’t take care of their health in all areas of their life.

You can’t expect to live a healthy life without taking care of your spiritual being.

Researchers have shown that spiritual health, or the lack of it is tied to many psychological problems, which then are tied to real physical issues.

You come across a great amount of people daily who can pass on all types of negative vibrations onto you.

So, with that being said I would like to share a little spell you can do at home just to clear out your home, and sleep well for a month or so.

Note, I want you to know that spiritual work is something that never stops. The reason why is because you must always focus on your spirit.

“For ye have the poor always with you: but me ye have not always.” Mathew 26:11

The poor here means the poor states of consciousness, and how no matter what; you will always want more. If you had knowledge, you will always want to seek more, so at that point you are poor and the knowledge is what you need.

If you were hungry, then you would be poor, and needed food to fill this poor state.

No one can ever be fully fed spiritually because there will always be more that you can be fed.

Do this right here to repel negative vibrations.

Take a clear glass of water, and place it in your bedroom.

Take a bible, and read Psalm 10, every night by the water before you go to sleep. Do this for seven days straight. In fact do it also in the morning, and at night before you go to sleep.

This will help clear negative vibrations, or any entities that are unwanted in your home, and you will surely feel better throughout the day.

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