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Go to your GOD.

You are here on earth with a purpose to understand your role in humanity that makes up the one body of God as a whole combined with the universe, and the infinite intelligence that the universe offers us.

In nature is where all our nutrients, and poisons can be found.

Know that man are three things.

Your thought, your words, and your actions.

Mind, Body, and Soul.

Your Past, your present, and your future.

Love,live, life.

Solid, liquid, gas.

Height, weight, width, and so on.

The number 3 appears various times throughout our existence on this plane, and everything is a message, if you are aware.

In Obeah we make it our scientific goal to open your mind, and allow you to see the world that the masses can’t see. We show you how closer to GOD you really are because the GOD of the bible is in you. You are the one coming to figure out your name, and see the love of GOD in your life.

GOD flows throw you.

Joshua 14:11 “As yet I am as strong this day as I was in the day that Moses sent me: as my strength was then, even so is my strength now, for war, both to go out, and to come in.”

Being strong as the scripture states is all about you being able to understand your mind is your control. You can contact the GOD in you which is the “I am strong” and conquer everything, and every obstacle in your way.

The events here are taking place in the mind of man because the mind is where everything starts.

If someone wanted to go on a killing rampage, the act would have to first taken place in their mind. Once they painted the picture in their mind all they would have to do is bring it to life with their conscious actions.

We will show you how the world is made up of conscious actions brought to life by subconscious actions.

The Bible speaks of this at the mystical angle of a story taking place within man’s subconscious mind, and there you will find GOD because it plugs you into the creativity of the universe. This is why sometimes great minds think alike because they are plugged into the same frequency when they are thinking, and tapping into the greatness of the  universe.



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