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You are Moses

When you want to have real power, the mind is where everything starts. If you looked at men who ran empires, then you would see that their thought was where it all started.

Wars were started over different ideologies. Relationships started because of a thought.

You could see how a thought which is birthed in the mind is what creates great innovation. The fact that you are on this website reading this right now, are all thoughts that were brought to life. Everything that now exist was once a thought, and even your existence was a thought first conceived by the universe, and then given to your parents, as they thought to have a sex act that can then bring another life into this world.

In Obeah, we show you how powerful you really are. How your thoughts can connect to the spirits of this world, which are all aspects of GOD, which is the infinite intelligence of the universe which lies within nature, you, and in your imagination.

Now let’s look at this piece of scripture.

Exodus Chapter 11:1 “And the Lord said unto Moses, yet will I bring one plague, more upon Pharoah, and upon Egypt: afterwards he will let you go hence: when he shall let you go, he shall surely thrust you out hence altogether.”

Now, if you look at this on face value, it makes absolutely no sense. Many take this as an actual event, but if you study the thought of man’s mind that Bible scriptures are, and knew it in its original spiritual form, then you would know this is just something that is taking place in the mind of man.

Moses in the Egyptian meaning means “Son.” Here is when the first savior before Jesus Christ enters. Now, since Moses is the deliverer, his name, and Moses his self is just a meaning for your illuminated thought. The Bible figures are nothing more than man’s different level of consciousness to figure out how he/she is a GOD and how to tap into that spiritual energy to affect the world around them.

No figure, or event in the Bible was real beyond the mind of man’s thought, but if used correctly the Bible is a powerful spiritual book.

We will teach you this, but first let’s get more in-depth with this first.

We now know that Moses was the first “son” before Christ. The Lord is speaking, but if we look at the English definition of the word “Lord.” We would see that it means “leader,” “authority,” or the “one with power.” It is an old Germanic term that Germanic tribes would use because the “Lords”, or “Lord” were the leader of the tribes, and they would feed their followers loaves of bread.

The same way that in the Bible bread is personified, and given great significance.

We will get deeper into that in your lessons, but back to this scripture. Moses who is the first “son” which is an illuminated thought getting info from the Lord that is the mind of man talking to himself to free himself from bondage of not being illuminated, and understanding the world around him. The plague will be the new thought that takes man out of bondage.

The Pharoah is just the thought that is holding man back from understanding himself and the world.  The plague represents the new thought which will kill the old way of thinking, hence bring man out of Egypt, and now the Pharoah will let Moses go, and his people go.

Egypt here, represents man in mental bondage, and unable to understand the world beyond what is going on before the “Son” Moses came and inspired him, and his people’s freedom. Then we see how he will surely thrust Moses and his people out all together.

Many religions teach that this really happened. They  also teach that Moses was really a person leading his people out of Egypt.

Well, we show you how they were wrong. These events are really taking place in man’s mind, and Moses is nothing more than your first state of consciousness to become aware, and tap into this GOD that lives in you. This GOD in you will help you spark a great imagination, and a greater connection to nature, your ancestors and to GOD.

The universe will be at your disposal, and as the you will see how your words truly are power, and they shape the world around you, but everything starts with your divine thoughts.

“Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.” Proverbs 18:21

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