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How to make GOD work for you?

In the Bible we see that man is plagued with various issues. We see that if you look at the Bible at what it is written as you’ll wind-up confused.

If you read the Bible literally you’ll end up thinking this doesn’t make sense. The Bible in its truest form is nothing more than man having a conversation with himself in his mind, and coming to understanding his name. Mankind is carefully growing with intelligence in the Bible.

If you were to take it at face value, then you would see a book filled with contradictions, violence etc. You would see a book that has been used to oppress, and enslave many.

A book that has been tied to radicals, and has been used out of context.

The Bible is nothing more than the world’s most powerful book. It is the only book that many has that has been used in the ways that has been used. The Bible is a book that has been used as a tool for control, an not for what it originally was created for, and that was to enlighten the mind of man.

The Bible is a book that if you study it, in its ancient form, you’ll be able to see all the characters, places and events are nothing more than different stages of man’s consciousness.

Jesus Christ is the highest point in man’s consciousness, and at this point you get closer to the father, and become one with nature, and a trinity with yourself, your ancestors and one with the universe.

“He is not the GOD of the dead, but the GOD of the living.” Mark 12:27

God comes to the living, and not the dead. Once you’re alive that means mentally you are up, and able to see things others can’t. The illumined mind is the Christ consciouness, and at this point you will see the GOD in you, and the way you are intouch with the world.

When you are awakened; you will gain a love for nature, and see all the aspects, and different spirits of nature as one with you. You will look at the universe, and as modern science shows the same atoms and particles that make up the universe are also in us; you will see that the GOD of the universe is in you.

An awoken mind is like gold found in a land of milk and honey. Obeah can make you see the Bible for it’s real meaning as a book of mental events, a story going on in man’s mind, and not actual events or figures.

The different states of man’s consciousness is just personified as individuals in the Bible.

You are more powerful than you might believe, and our goal is to show you that by opening your eyes.

You are GOD once awoken, and really living in his/her image because you are the GOD of the Bible, an awakened mind.

“So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.” Genesis 1:27


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