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How to imagine, and create.

In Obeah we know that the mind is powerful, and with the mind we can imagine everything that we want. Just look at all the major cities throughout the world, and just look at how man imagined that from their mind. A mind that is connected to god is one that is filled with creative expression, understanding, and the will to embark on a life that is based on great purpose.


“I can do all through Christ which strengthen me.” Philippians 4:13

The Christ that strengthens you is nothing more than your mind that is elevated on a level of high consciousness that allows you to walk on water, and do the impossible. To many what the Wright Brothers were doing was the impossible.

They were attempting to go against nature, and use a flying apparatus. If they listened to the sheep, then they would have been lead to slaughter.

“He has brought as a lamb to the slaughter, and as a sheep before her shearers is dumb, so he opened not his mouth” Isaiah 53:7

It’s a good thing that the Wright brothers weren’t like a lamb, and saw that this infinite intelligence was what they needed to contact in order to see god.

When you image you create everything, and you bring all the results that you seek to fruition.

Let’s just take the basic human act of masturbation into consideration.

I’m sure you have masturbated before in your life, and in order to reach your point of climax, I am sure you remember what you did to get there. You probably used deep focus, and a deep sense of concentration to arrive at your destination.

You were able to envision yourself in a sexual act, and finally you reached the point of orgasmic bliss.

Well everything in life is like that, and if you are able to utilize your mind to have an incredible orgasm, then you can also utilize it to gain whatever it is that you desire in life.

In Obeah we teach this concept clearly, and it is one that you will be able to understand and love, once you get the meaning.


God isn’t far from you, so once you look within, then you will see how important it is to look at yourself as god because you have his/her image whenever you look in the mirror.

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