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Why does god let bad things happen to good people?

The world has been indoctrinated by organized religion for so long that all of the laws of nature, and the universe has been forgotten.

Man over the years has come to disregard all the laws of nature, and many have blamed all their shortcomings in life on an entity with horns and a pitchfork who resides in hell surrounded by fire, and brimstone.

Religion has disrupted the flow of harmony with nature in so many parts of our society that in many cultures if someone expressed a deep love for nature, within an instance they would be labelled as a devil worshiper.

Christianity and Islam has become the world’s two dominant religions, and in many ways they have created an unbalance in the flow of the universe because they don’t show their followers the true laws of the universe, and how to become one with the infinite while on their life  journey, neither religion shows their followers how to really connect with the divine. Both religions will teach you to pray, but in a way where you’re begging rather than aligning yourself perfectly with the flow, and order of the universe.

They teach you that god is in the sky far, and distant from you and in order to be in heaven, or in a place where you are with god’s grace before you die; you must live your life according to what the church says, and then you might meet god when you die. The way that their doctrine is taught doesn’t really empower the individual.

Obeah teaches us that when you understand the harmony of the universe you can become one with it, and Jesus is your mind changed, and a higher conscious to connect with the source.

All you’re doing is being the god that you always were “So god created man in his own image, in the image of god created he him; male and female created he them.” Genesis 1:27

We all are created to be gods, and play our  universal part and leave our mark on humanity to continue our species, and be one with the infinite universe. God is all around us, and within us, not far in the sky sitting on a throne looking down on us.

When we say incantations with the Psalms from the bible in Obeah, all we’re doing is tapping into a certain vibration that those words have, so that we can create a ripple effect within the universe which then speaks to the god of the universe which is your higher conscious that we all have access to.

There is only one power, and man can use it for good or for bad. God is infinite in wisdom because man’s wisdom is infinite. Next time you think about why does something bad happens to a good person, it wasn’t god’s fault.

You thought it was god’s fault or either to blame it on a fictional devil that was created by the church to scare you, so that you can be under their control.

Organized religion is the best way to control the masses, but Obeah will free your mind.

It will make you look at god in a totally different way, and look at the universe and the role that you play in it.

Recite this powerful prayer daily, at various times throughout the day. Look in the sky when the sun is setting, and before it rises and say,

“I am the temple of god because god lives within me.”

When you look to the sun before it sets you’re looking to the early rise of what helps sustain all things that are living on this planet, and  allows our planet to be a living and breathing entity of its own. You are calling out with strength to the god in you, and by saying you are a temple, you are allowing the energy of the sun to flow through you.

Start this simple prayer routine and watch how your life  will start to change for the better because you aligned yourself with the universe, and with the true god.

You are a being with a spirit inside you that is connected to the spirit of the earth. The bible is a book of high spiritual awareness, but has been misinterpreted as a book to dictate morality and pass judgement.

We will show you that Obeah will make you live a much happier life as you relax within the comfort of the universe “The bosom of the father” that the bible speaks about, which is really a masculine and feminine duality, but was misinterpreted as a man only.

Everything in nature is feminine and masculine, the two energies are what creates life, and god is found among the two. This is one reason why real true love between two individuals feels so good because two godlike souls have come together ,and were blessed by the universe.

Obeah will give you great understanding.



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