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The God of the universe and of Obeah

In Obeah we know that the universe is god, and that same god lives within us and we are connected to this infinite source. God is every thought manifested, and this world that we live in has everything that started as a man’s vision and now it is manifested.

From automobiles, airplanes, roads, computer technology, everything on this earth has come from a human beings mind.

This is the infinite intelligence that points directly from god. This is the spirit of creativity that helps man become great and allows us to tap into god.

“Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom and with all they getting, get understanding.” Proverbs 4:7

Mankind has studied science, and many have distorted science. Theologians have also distorted the bible, and today the two are separate.

Religion has become radical and science have gone astray. But when you understand the world, and what Obeah tells us is that everything is connected, and so is everyone. God is found in nature, and within the mind of man, and throughout the universe.

It is proven that the same particles and atoms that make up the universe also is within us. We are a connected universe, and only a few people know how to tap into this infinite power that is within us.

For behold the kingdom of god is within you. The bible speaks of this, but today’s translation has distorted the original meaning. The true message has been corrupted and people think a savior is coming, unaware that they are their savior with the ability to tap into god.

There are several ways you can feed your spiritual body which is a higher conscious that will allow you to tap into the source, and when you are in perfect harmony with nature, and the laws of it, and the universal law then your life will be as you want it.

Obeah is a powerful science in which we teach you to see how faith and confidence is a part of god that you can tap into, and feel the divine presence that was always with you. Once you understand this presence you’ll react to the world around you in a different way.

You will gain much respect for nature, and for your fellow-man and woman. You will understand that your mind is your most powerful weapon because in the mind is where every innovation is formed because everything started as a thought that then became real.

The bible was once a thought in a man’s mind.

Your mind will connect you with your ancestors, and give you faith in everything you do because everything takes faith.

A mechanic has faith in his ability to fix an automobile.

A surgeon has faith in his ability to do a successful surgery.

A teacher has faith in her ability to teach a class, and a barber has faith in his skills at cutting hair.

How does a person builds this faith in their craft or in what they do? Well they first learn the science of it, and then they practice with all volition, and this is them tapping into the god within them, and this is a direct connection from the universe which is a divine presence from god.

Obeah is powerful, and as you continue your journey we will show you how to empower yourself. Once you understand your purpose in life, and you’re truly connected to the divine, then ultimately you will feel a great sense of calm, and you’ll be able to look at the world around you in a very different angle.

You will be able to see the auras, energy and vibe of those who come around you. You will build confidence in what you do, and feel that through your bloodline your connection with your ancestors is stronger, and through being a human on earth your connection with mankind in a whole lot stronger.

God will always be with you because once you control your mind, and tap into the science you will look in the mirror and see a god because he was made in your image, not you being made in his because you are the god of the bible.

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