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Spirit of jealousy

People will get jealous, and start to envy your possessions, your ambition or anything great that you might display. People will get jealous because they see that you have a spouse who they may desire. We live in a world where jealousy is running rampant.

Sometimes someone can be so jealous that they’ll look at you with a serious evil eye, and project so much negativity on you that their jealousy has now placed a bad spirit on you, and you now find yourself having bad luck. This is very serious, and this is part of the reason why it’s never good to tell someone else your plans.

People tend to inflict their own jealousy on you, and then cause your plans to crumble and you wouldn’t even know why. Everything that was going good for you, just randomly start to go down the drain. People back out, and all your previous progress just now goes down the drain. It now feels like all your hard work is going unnoticed.

Well this is all due to the fact that you were given the evil eye by someone who had the worst intentions for you, and your goal. This is one reason why it’s good to carry some protection on you, or have a ring that will protect you from these type of situations.

The amount of people who you come across daily should be enough to let you know why it is important that you ward off the spirit of jealousy before it comes knocking.

Remember this, and feel free to get in touch with us regarding this and many issues.



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