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You must connect with the universe

One thing about Obeah is that it is a science that is all about connecting with the universe. It’s all about being in perfect harmony with nature because god if found within nature, and within us.

You must know that the great spiritual worker is one who can see they are divinely placed here to be one with nature. To act according to the laws of nature. The is no good or bad. No devil pulling the strings. Mankind was given free will by the creator, and we are also creators.

We can shape our world in any direction that we see fit, in fact we are the ones who will lead our life in a direction that can be compelling, or one that isn’t worthy of much.

When you get to understand the science, and see why Obeah is so powerful, then you will get to understand god. You are the god “Ye are all gods. The spiritual world is real, and you must live in balance with the universe or risk having a life of sorrow. Your ancestors are there for you, and you should always know that they are who you can turn to when you are in need.

I hope you see exactly why I felt the urge to write this brief message to let you know why you must connect with the universe. Please stay connected with us and subscribe as we help guide you on this spiritual journey.

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